Minutes – June 6, 2011


2011 June 6 DPAC minute in PDF format


DPAC Executive:              Don Sabo, Chris Finke, Gillian Burnett, Michelle Rolfes, Sarah Holland, Steve Shannon

Partner Groups:               Linda Naess, Brian Pepper, Lois Boone, Anne Smith

School Reps:                      Buckhorn Elementary(Connie Kragt), Beaverly Elementary(Colleen Smith), Ecole College Heights(Lara Beckett & Jacqueline Dockray), Hart Highlands(Kim Shannon), Quinson(Ryan Clarke), Ecole Lac des Bois(Shauna Connor), Spruceland(Dennis Fudge)

Meeting Start Time: 7:00pm

  1. 1.       Adoption of Agenda:  Addition of SOFI under 7(a).  Motion by College Heights; second by Pineview.
  2. 2.       Adoption of May 9, 2011 Meeting Minutes:  Motion by Heather Park; second by Quinson.
  3. 3.       PAC Networking:
  • Lengthy discussion about possibility of BCTF strike vote and job action.
  • College Heights raised concerns about consistency in VP position.  Noted 5 VP’s in 6 years.
  • Buckhorn raised concerns about consistency in Principal’s position,  Average change every 2 years.  Suggest looking at why this occurring.  Perhaps resulting from something about this position specifically (i.e. 2 school responsibility)

7:30 stakeholders invited in.

  1. 4.       Reports:

(a)    DPAC Chair report – Don Sabo – see attached.

(b)   Treasurer’s report – Chris Finke – see attached.

(c)    Superintendent’s report – Brian Pepper – see attached. 

  • Question regarding item 4(d) – not ranked in importance. 
  • Question regarding item 4(b) – What are incentives?  Example: teachers would consider “time” as incentive.
  • Discussion about how appointments determined.
  • Question regarding item 2. Looking for big picture ideas specifically.  Looking for DPAC input in next month.

(d)   Trustee report – Lois Boone

  • Expressed appreciation for relationship with Partner Groups.
  • Highlighted items from last Board meeting – noting concern regarding the continuation of the District receiving the Declining Enrolment Grant and Funding Protection Grant.
  • Highlighted items from last EPPC meeting.  Most noticeably what’s happening in mathematics throughout district – Instruction 1 hour per day K-12 and Math Advancement Teachers.  (Enthusiasm expressed by many members.)
  • Noted staffing for next year being worked on.

(e)   PGDTA report – Linda Naess

  • Noted benefit of shared counselling services from Family of Schools
  • Over 50 retirements this year, 50+ postings
  • Bargaining big issue right now, class size and composition still main issue.  Information available on BCPSEA website.
  • Linda’s last meeting – extended gratitude for welcoming atmosphere and great relationship over years.

(f)     PGPVPA report – Anne Smith – nothing to report

(g)    CUPE report – not in attendance

(h)   DSAC report – not in attendance

  1. 5.       Committee Reports

(a)    EPPC Committee Report – Chris Finke – unable to attend

(b)   Educational Services Committee Report – Steve Shannon – nothing to report

(c)    Policy and Governance Committee Report – Don Sabo – have not been invited to a meeting yet but anticipate invitation regarding Policy 1230 and 1231.  Trustee Boone drew attention to next policy likely to be reviewed concerning Attendance.

(d)   Environment Sustainability Committee Report – Have not yet met, tasked with specific issue rather than standing committee.

  1. 6.       Announcements/New Business

(a)    Appointment to Committee Reps – Discussion about internal policy.  May need review.

EdSC – Steve Shannon    Alternate – Sarah Holland

EPPC – Chris Finke   Alternate – Gillian Burnett

Policy and Governance Committee – Don Sabo   Alternate – Dennis Fudge

ESC – Don Sabo    Alternate Lara Beckett

(b)   Northern Crime Prevention Symposium (Dennis) – Very educational.  Link on website for presentation.

(c)    Community That Cares Initiative (Don) – Survey went out to 300 students in district.  Results identified characteristics unique to Prince George.  Risk factors: substance use Grade 8 – 10, family capacity, engaging in antisocial behaviour.  Initiatives to address factors include Lions Club for Youth, Guiding Choices, establishing family kits and more.

(d)   Process for selecting delegates to conferences – Policy from Kamloops to be posted on website.  Comments and input to be collected through summer and recommendation made in September.

(e)   Process for reviewing BCCPAC Resolutions – Information to be posted on website.  Comments and input to be collected through summer and recommendations made in September.

(f)     Motion by College Heights

We provide the DPAC Executive with discretionary spending authority up to $1000.00.

Second by Lac des Bois.  Discussion regarding wording of discretionary.  CARRIED

(g)    Motion by Heather Park

To remove any previous signing authorities and establish new signing authority as Don Sabo, Chris Finke, and Michelle Rolfes.

Second by College Heights.   CARRIED

(h)   Motion by Heather Park

That we fund a communications plan and outreach to our member PACs, using a 3rd party assistant for some of the work, up to $500.00.

Second by College Heights   CARRIED

Motion by Heather Park

That we fund an educational workshop for our member PACs, targeted at new PAC executives, using a 3rd party assistant for some of the work, for a cost of up to $1000.00. Tentative date –Saturday, October 8, 2011.

Second by Pineview.  Discussion about topics.  Suggested that PACs be able to make suggestions on website.  Sarah to add a section for this.   CARRIED

Discussion about communications between member PACs and DPAC executive.  Chairperson responsible for responses unless delegated to another executive member.

  1. 7.       Other Business

(a)    SOFI(Statement of Financial Information) – Discussion about what this is and suggested a link be added to the DPAC website.

Motion to adjourn at 9:45 by Kelly Road, second by College Heights.  Next meeting to be held Monday, September 12, 2011.



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