Ministry of Education Funding Model Review

In October 2017, government launched a funding model review to fulfill its commitment to ensure B.C.’s K-12 public education system receives stable and predictable funding.

The co-governors of B.C.’s K-12 public education system, the Province and the B.C. School Trustees Association, have worked together to develop a set of shared principles for the future funding model and establish a solid foundation for moving forward. The new model will be guided by the following principles:

  • Responsive: Allocates available resources amongst Boards of Education in consideration of unique local and provincial operational requirements.
  • Equitable: Facilitates access to comparable levels of educational services and opportunities for individual students across the province.
  • Stable and Predictable: Supports strategic, multi-year planning for educational programming and school district operations.
  • Flexible: Respects the autonomy of, and does not unnecessarily restrict, individual Boards of Education in the spending of their allocations to further student success.
  • Transparent: Calculates funding using a clear and transparent methodology.
  • Accountable: Allocates resources to Boards of Education in the most efficient manner, and ensures that resources provided are being utilized as intended


Input that has been provided to the Ministry is also accessible here:

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