KRSS Engagement

Have you taken the Questionnaire yet? Do you understand the KRSS Public Engagement Plan? Is it important for you to participate?

Do you or your child(ren) fall into any of these categories? If so, this questionnaire is for YOU!

Snip from KRSS Engagement Questionnaire – demographic statistic

School District 57 has committed to involve the public for these 4 reasons:

  1. Informed Decision-Making – community contribution will support the April 28 decision by our Board Trustees.
  2. Community Building – build understanding and community around the new school building.
  3. Creative Input – seeking creative ways to recognize the history of Shas Ti and Kelly Road.
  4. Best Practice – belief that public participation and engagement is a commitment of our school system.

Do you have 30 minutes? Make sure you have the time to read, understand, ponder, and articulate your responses. Start by reviewing this Presentation.

Listen to the Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada explain the history and importance of their work.

What is Reconciliation? (3 minute YouTube video)

Complete the KRSS Engagement Questionnaire.

Find the link to the research website along with media releases and information at the School District 57 website here. You will find a PDF version of the questionnaire that can be mailed or scanned/emailed and dedicated phone numbers with staff members who are available to help complete the form during business hours indicated on the website.

You can submit questions at and also sign up for Newsletters by submitting your email address on the SD57 website.

What’s next in the Timeline?

  • Questionnaire Closes – this Friday April 17
  • Questionnaire Information Compiled – week of April 20
  • Report to the SD57 Board Trustees – Friday April 24
  • Public Board Meeting – DECISION! – Tuesday April 28

Please share this info with other stakeholders and lets get many voices heard! Contact if you have questions or need support.

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