Kindergarten Registration – with important information about capped schools

As a reminder to parents, kindergarten registration day is on Wednesday, February 6th, starting at 9am.

District information is available here:

Some important areas that DPAC would like to bring to parents’ attention are:

  • Registration is online only, but we have been assured that there will be assistance in schools. If you encounter any difficulty registering for kindergarten, please let us know.
  • Once you have registered online, you must print off various documents and then bring them to the school. If you do not get the paperwork into the school on or before February 15, 2013, then “you will lose your spot and drop to the bottom of the list”.
  • Parents must register their kindergarten child in either their catchment school, or in a choice school or program. If you wish your child to attend a different school, you must still register in your catchment school, and then apply to transfer your child as of February 12th.
  • If there are more children applying than spaces available on the day of registration, then a lottery will be conducted on February 6th at 4pm, and the results communicated to parents.
  • After the day of registration, if there are more children applying than spaces available, catchment students would most likely be accepted as they register, while non-catchment children may or may not be accepted.
  • At the moment, siblings of catchment children already enrolled in a school would have first priority, then catchment children. Siblings of non-catchment children enrolled in a school do not have any priority over catchment children according to the school district.
  • Some schools have capped enrollment – they will only accept up to a certain number of kindergarten students.The school district has now put which schools have caps up on their website – we do note that the document showing WHICH schools are capped was only created on February 4th, at 2:29pm. Please see:


According to this document, the following schools have their kindergarten programs capped:

  • College Heights Elementary Kindergarten English – 1 Class of 22, Kindergarten French – 1 Class of 22
  • Edgewood Kindergarten – 1 class of 22
  • Glenview Kindergarten – 1 Class of 22
  • Hart Highlands Kindergarten – 2 Classes of 22
  • Heritage Elementary Kindergarten – 2 Classes of 22, Kindergarten – no Transfer in
  • Vanway Kindergarten – 2 Classes of 22


For more information on the school district policy for registration, please see:

DPAC would appreciate parent comment on this policy, and possible changes parents would like to see to the policy.

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