Information – BCTF Bill 22 Action Plan

Bill 22 Action Plan

That the BCTF Bill 22 Action Plan be as follows:

That for the period April–June 2012 members will engage in a resistance strategy to oppose Bill 22, and:

a. teach.
b. not participate in any BC Ministry of Education initiatives.
c. continue with the activities of not participating in meetings with, or accepting written communications from AOs.
d. refrain from all extra-curricular/voluntary activities.
e. agree to write a single year-end report card for each student this year.
f. launch a public campaign (including advertising, public meetings, and print materials) to educate about the impact of Bill 22, and mobilize opposition to it around the province.
g. hold a province-wide vote of members to support a full withdrawal of services commencing on a date as determined by the Executive Committee.
h. undertake other actions decided by the membership in each local, such as holding weekly union meetings or not participating in district committees.
i. work local-by-local, and as a collective, to motivate the membership to prepare for the May 2013 provincial election to bring in a new government that will repeal Bill 22.

That, as per Procedure 25.A.06, a province-wide membership vote be held on April 17 and 18 to implement the Bill 22 Action Plan.

That the Executive Committee and Representative Assembly be authorized to amend the Bill 22 Action Plan upon review of progress, and consider additional province-wide membership votes as necessary with accompanying legal advice for members.

That a Special Representative Assembly be scheduled for August 2012 to evaluate and make additional decisions to support the implementation of a Province-Wide Year of Action.

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