Increasing Enrollment in Elementary Schools

Did you know that the Prince George School District’s elementary school student population increased, as of September 30th, 2013?

The school district enrollment information is public information – the most recent year’s data comes from the Ministry of Education’s website:

Our data goes back to the 1991/1992 school year. In all that time, for all years before, registration has declined for the elementary school (K to 7) population. (Secondary school (8-12) population has only declined since 1998, but some programs may have been counted differently before that time.)

But this year – for the first time, in over 20 years – the number of students enrolled in Kindergarten to grade 7 actually increased, as projected by both the district and the Ministry of Education. Secondary schools, and overall enrollment, is still declining – but the long decline in the elementary school population seems to now be stabilizing.


If you do not see a table of numbers above, on your computer, please click here to see the table:

If you’re interested in a full breakdown, showing each school for each year, that can be found here:

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