Further update on BCTF court decision

The BCTF has launched a new website to keep members, parents, and the public informed regarding the ruling of Supreme Court Justice Griffin as its impact continues to unfold:


We would specifically draw to the attention of every parent and guardian of children in the BC education system to selected quotations made by Justice Griffin in her judgement.  They have been placed in a powerpoint to provide direct access to her findings, buried within the 160 page ruling:



From the Globe and Mail:

In announcing the government’s appeal of the Supreme Court ruling in favour of the B.C. Teachers’ Federation (BCTF), Education Minister Peter Fassbender said it would cost taxpayers “upwards of $1-billion” to restore classrooms to the contract language that existed in 2002.

However, with 60 school districts, each with different needs, budget issues and contract language, the cost of such a restoration is a complex calculation. The BCTF says the province has lost close to 1,400 specialist positions.

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