Financial Hardship Policy and Field Trips

School District 57 has a financial hardship policy to ensure that all students will be able to go on field trips, even if their parents can’t afford it:

According to policy:

All communication with students and/or parents regarding fees and deposits
must include a statement that explains that fees will not be a barrier to student
participation in school activities.

Schools will establish a hardship application process that is clear to students and parents. All staff members should be aware of this financial hardship provision and be able to advise students and parents with regard to access.

The procedures for addressing financial hardship must be clearly communicated to parents and students and should be conveyed in such media as the student handbook, the parent handbook, student planners, newsletters and/or the school’s website.

As a example, Heather Park Elementary school has the financial hardship policy on the school website, and has also posted in the information on the PAC website:


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