ERASE Bullying website now live

This website includes an online tool for reporting bulling: and tips for talking to schools:

It includes information for parents and students – the parent section starts out with this:

Bullying can be a tough topic to bring up with your kids, but it’s an important conversation to have if they are showing signs of being a victim or a bully.

Bullying and aggression is often a cry for help. It’s important to be open to the possibility that your child could be in one of these roles. The most important thing you can do as a parent is to listen and not dismiss your child when they want to talk – they may only try once.

In this section you will find some key warning signs to know and watch for, and some tips on how to talk to your child and what you can do to help.


 Diagram of online reporting tool:
ERASE Bullying Online Reporting Tool

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