Education Services Report – November 3, 2014

SD57 EdSC – DPAC notes – from Steve Shannon
1. Accept minutes

2. Adventure Playground – Southridge Elementary
– Approve to go to School Board.

3. Energy and Sustainable Conservation
– Barry Bepple appointed Energy and Sustainable Conservation Coordinator SD57
– has been unofficially monitored since 1984
– Annual ~ $3.2M spent on Electrical, gas, sewer, water, snow removal
– cost of utilities is climbing but SD57 has managed to conserve usage and upgrade equipment to offset cost
– New T8 lighting
– Upgraded Boilers
– Timers on thermostats and lighting
– Recent rebates show conservation and modernizing equipment is helping
– ~$46k from BCHydro
– ~$24k from FortisBC
– Carbon Neutral program has cost ~$832K at $25 per ton, over the last 5 years
– Carbon Neutral program credits to SD57 for projects has totaled ~$181k but having future projects approved will be more likely now

4. Service Delivery Project – Phase 2
– Min of Ed continuing to create this joint services project
– Phase 2 is the forming of committees and workgroups
– SD57 Trustees will be included in the Education Partner Advisory Committee.
– full Deloitte report at

5. Parent Question
– To Brian Bepple
– With the lighting upgrades, will there be any other electrical upgrades? Limited circuit loads, lack of recepticals.
– No. SD57 is aware of aging electrical systems in schools and has projects in the works but will have budgets from Annual Facilities grants.

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