Duchess Park Information Session

Draft surveys from board agenda package: Surveys from 2018.05.29 Regular Public Board Book

The Parent Advisory Council is putting on an information session about the surveys and consultation that are going out to French immersion parents, staff, and students, and Edgewood parents.

  • Find out more about the capacity challenges that Duchess Park is facing, and the options that are being explored.
  • We encourage everyone to fill out their survey, and let the superintendent and board know your thoughts and your questions.
  • A decision has not been reached on this matter, and from all signs, the district is quite serious about looking for feedback.
  • The information session is open to all interested parents, staff, and students.

Join us June 11th, at 7pm, at Duchess Park in the Theatre.

Duchess Park PAC


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  • Jodi Robertson / Reply

    Hi there,

    I can’t attend the meeting tonight but I’d love to fill out a survey or be a part of the conversation. I feel strongly that sending my child to the Hart for high school would not only be greatly inconvenient for parents who work in the opposite direction but it will also impact the kid’s extra-curricular activities and social life as public transit isn’t a great option to get to the Hart & back & parents won’t be able to shuttle the kids easily if they work in town. Thanks.

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