DRAFT – minutes for October 5, 2015

DPAC MINUTES FOR October 5, 2015
7:00 p.m. Peden Hill Elementary Gymnasium

DPAC Executive: Sarah Holland (Chair), Gillian Burnett (Recorder), Mike Gagel, Steve Shannon, Dennis Fudge, Darlene Campbell
Partner Groups: Richard Giroday, Brian Pepper, Dan Watt
School Reps: Jacqueline Dockray – Ecole College Heights; Darlene Campbell – Duchess Park; Shara Schenk – Edgewood;Mandy Levesque – Hart Highlands; Kim Shannon – Kelly Road; Shauna Connor – Lac Des Bois; Gillian Burnett – Nukko Lake; Charleen Henyu – Nusdeh Yoh; Randi McLeod – Peden Hill; Michelle Waning – Pinewood; Wendy Neumeyer & Michelle Rolfes – PGSS; Kim Pryschlak – Quinson; Mike Gagel – Southridge Dennis Fudge – Spruceland; Chelsea Vonah – Vanway

1. Call to Order, Secretary
Call for volunteer to record the meeting and prepare minutes. Gillian Burnett from Nukko Lake volunteers.

2. Adoption of Agenda and Minutes
Strike Darlene Campbell’s name from EPPC Committee Report as she has not represented DPAC on this committee.
5. b) MOTION
To Vacate the previous decision to add Dennis Fudge as signing authority on both DPAC bank accounts at Integris Credit Union.
That Darlene Campbell, Mike Gagel and Rob Woods be added as signing authority on both DPAC bank accounts at Integris Credit Union.
Minutes adopted as amended.
3. PAC Networking – Discussion about a variety of events taking place in schools, Scholastics Book Fairs run by PAC vs school staff, parking and traffic around schools, and Program start ups like El Sistema at Quinson. Best practice coming forward from Southridge – added a line to lunch forms which asked for permission to contact parents by e-mail and provided a space for them to supply their e-mail address.
4. Reports
a) DSAC– Not in attendance
b) CUPE (Karen Wong) – Unable to attend
c) PGDTA (Richard Giroday) –Recognized World Teacher Day October 5th. Spoke about support for new curriculum in the form of 2 additional Pro-D days both this year and next. Gave information about the difficulty PEA has had in attracting members and announced that PEA is looking at becoming BCTF members.
d) PGPVPA (Dan Watt – Spoke about workshops provided by the provincial body that support Principal and Vice Principal professional development. Provided information on Learning Team Grants, Innovation Grants and Aboriginal Education Grants.
e) PEA (Nicole Harris) – Not in attendance
f) Superintendent (Brian Pepper) – See attached.
g) Trustee (Brenda Hooker) – Unable to attend
5. Acceptance of Resignation
Dennis Fudge is moving out of province and will be unable to complete his term. Bylaws and Constitution allow us to accept his resignation prior to the end of term. Resignation accepted by general consent.
We now have a Director’s position open on the executive. Call for nominees. Hearing none, we will call again at next meeting. Provided members with a brief description of duties to think about.
6. Officer and Committee Reports
a) Executive Board Report (Sarah Holland) – see attached
Discussion regarding acknowledgement of aboriginal traditional grounds at various DPAC meetings.
Decision reached to observe acknowledgement at our AGM in the future.
b) Treasurer’s Report () – see attached.
Reviewed 2015/2016 Budget.
To accept the 2015/2016 Budget as presented.
Still looking for another volunteer to conduct the Financial Review of the DPAC 2014/2015 books.
Kim Shannon volunteers. All in favour. Dates and times to be determined following the meeting.
c) BCCPAC Report (Dennis Fudge) – “Bullying Stops Here” publication now available. AGM to be held in Kelowna last weekend in April/first weekend in May.
7. PAC and Parent Assistance
a) Communicating with PACs and parents – looking for any ideas about how to improve our effectiveness in this area.
b) Grant requests – Vanway – Discussion about events’ alignment with grant criteria and whether food intended as applicable expense.
To pay for 50% of the $481.73 Vanway PAC grant request.
c) Fall Conference October 24, 2015 at Civic Centre. registration up and going. Discussion about speakers and workshops available.
7. Advising School District
a) Long Range Facilities Plan – District is looking at.
b) Education Services Committee Report (Steve Shannon) – See attached.
c) Education Programs and Planning Committee Report (Mike Gagel) – Did not meet. Next meeting scheduled for October.
d) Policy and Governance (Sarah Holland) – See Executive Report attached.
e) Budget Planning Committee – Not convened for this year yet.
f) Calendar Committee – Not convened for this year yet.
g) Suggestions for School Board Report – If anything comes up, send to executive.
8. Other Business
a) Change of meeting dates – January and May – January’s meeting changed to second Monday. Van Bien not available for second Monday in May. Will look at again next meeting.

9. Agenda items for next meeting – none at this time
10. Adjournment – Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 2nd, at 7:00 pm Van Bien Training and Development Centre.

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