DRAFT minutes for February 2, 2015 meeeting

Meeting Notes Feb 2015


DPAC MINUTES FOR February 2, 2015
7:00 p.m. Van Bien Training and Development Centre

DPAC Executive: Sarah Holland (Chair), Gillian Burnett (Recorder), Chris Finke, Steve Shannon, Dennis Fudge, Darlene Campbell, Rob Woodsl
Partner Groups: Brian Pepper, Superintendent; Brenda Hooker, Trustee; Richard Giroday, PGDTA; Melissa Hoff, Ab. Ed.
School Reps: Chris Finke – DP Todd; Christine Taylor – Edgewood; Kurien Thomas – Hart Highland; Kim Shannon – Kelly Road; Shauna Connor – Lac Des Bois; Gillian Burnett – Nukko Lake; Charleen Henya – Nusdeh Yoh; Michelle Rolfes – PGSS; Ryan Clarke – Quinson; Jennifer Hicke – Southridge; Dennis Fudge – Spruceland; Rob Woods – Malispina; Darlene Campbell – Duchess Park

1. Call to Order, Secretary
Call for volunteer to record the meeting and prepare minutes. Gillian Burnett from Nukko Lake volunteers.

2. Adoption of Agenda and Minutes
Addition of 8a) Kids to Work and 8b) Raffle Also moved item 6d) to before agenda item 4. Accepted as amended
3. PAC Networking – Introductions, but not a lot happening at this time. Nusdeh Yoh is having a chili night and movie night.
4. Reports
a) DSAC (Robin Keahey, Hayley Jakubowski) – Not in attendance
b) CUPE (Karen Wong) – Unable to attend
c) PGDTA (Richard Giroday) –Teachers have been busy since returning from Christmas break. Finally some normalcy. Only a few days away from second semester in the high schools. “Un” normal spring break this year. It is however an exciting time with the Winter Games – go to their website for more information. $190,000 left in Education Fund (previously LIF) and there have been lots of communications received by PGDTA regarding needs. Not enough support seems to be the theme. HR and PGDTA worked on leave policy and it was very positive. This is a family friendly district that supports their teachers. Having no TTOCs is a common problem that is being addressed, but there are bno solutions yet.
d) PGPVPA (Dan Watt) – Unable to attend due to illness
e) PEA (Nicole Harris) – Not in attendance
f) Superintendent (Brian Pepper) – See attached report
g) Trustee (Brenda Hooker) – January’s public board meeting was very packed because they hadn’t met since November and won’t be meeting again until March. The board will be convening the Expanded Committee of the Whole for budget discussions again this year. Three meetings booked. Brenda takes her role as liason very seriously, so if you have questions or items to share with the board you can call her at 250-961-3659. Board had met with MLAs and they spoke about having a conference held here in Prince George that would focus on rural education. The board does plan to meet with partner groups and learn about the issues important to each. Statigic planning continues.
5. Officer and Committee Reports
a) Executive Board Report (Sarah Holland) – see attached
b) Treasurer’s Report (Chris Finke) – see attached. Gillian needs the Bell Mobility login for invoice to the district for annual funding. $376 in Accounts Receivable is an old travel reimbursement expected from BCCPAC. ACTION – Darlene will try once more to receive the reimbursement. Add to next agenda.
c) BCCPAC Report (Darlene Campbell) – They have been working on a manual for Bullying and the steps a parent should take. Dennis is reviewing this. Although the hope is to have it ready by the AGM, it likely won’t be ready. AGM and Spring Conference is scheduled April 30 – May 2. Think about going. Darlene will be running for the position of Director again. Sarah has been working with the website committee.
6. PAC and Parent Assistance
a) Grant Requests –Questions regarding grant applications and grants in question. Are they effective? Should we add another type of grant? Look at other ways of providing funding that benefits PACs and parents.
b) PAC Café & Foodsafe – PAC Café had 20-21 participants and went really well . Definitely use Civic Center in the future. Everything was great.
c) Request from Williams Lake –DPAC has received a request from Williams Lake DPAC asking if we are interested in having Gary Anaka speak in September? Travel costs can be shared if more districts are interested in hosting him. Some general discussion.
That DPAC pay to bring Gary Anaka to Prince George in September.
d) Melissa Hoff, Internet Safety – Melissa gave a presentation on what the aboriginal education department offers in the district. She also handed out poster/flyers for an upcoming event. Ab Ed is hosting Darren Laur for a workshop on Internet/Social Media Safety and Digital Citizenship for Parents at Vanier Hall on March 5th at 7pm. Everyone is welcome.
e) Scheduling – resolution workshop- Saturdays work best. Try for March 28th of April 11th.
ACTION – Darlene to contact SD57 and see about booking Van Bien. Some concern about whether resolutions would be available on time.
f) Potential Speaker for March – Industry Training Authority (youth in trade) –Questions regarding scope of discussion. More about barriers to youth entering trades. DPAC would support such a speaker.
g) April Event – Skip this and focus on Fall Conference
h) Fall Conference – Committee composed of Darlene Campbell, Dennis Fudge, Sarah Holland and Charleen Henyu. Jennifer Bandle-McCall will offer consultation on marketing this event.

HOUSEKEEPING – Need to move April and May’s DPAC meetings to the second Monday of those months. ACTION – Darlene to move our bookings for Van Bien when booking Resolution Workshop

7. Advising School District
a) Education Services Committee Report (Steve) – See attached
b) Education Programs and Planning Committee Report (Chris, Darlene) –See attached
c) Policy and Governance (Sarah/Dennis) – Bylaw 1 and Respectful Workplace passed
d) Ad Hoc Technology Committee (Steve) – nothing happening at this time
e) Expanded Committee of the Whole – Gillian Burnett has shown interest. Dennis Fudge also interested, Rob Woods also interested. Gillian and Dennis will sit on this committee with Rob as an alternate if needed.
f) Suggestions for School Board Report –None at this time
8. Other Business
a) Kids to Work – Other districts run a program that entails taking kids to the workplace for the day to experience what wok is like when finished school. Our district is exploring the possibility of doing this. It would probably be a grade 9 program. Lots of questions need to be answered before the start something like this, but they are beginning the process of gathering information and asking questions..
b) Raffle – Edgewood had some questions about running raffles. suggestions put forward from many. Key item for running a raffle is obtaining a gaming license

9. Agenda items for next meeting – none at this time
10. Adjournment – Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 9th, at 7:00 pm Van Bien Training and Development Centre.

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