DPAC Monthly Meeting – Jan 11, 2021

Our next DPAC Meeting is Monday January 11, 2021 at 6:30pm on Zoom. We don’t have specific questions for our Partner Groups, but we still invite our representatives from Senior Administration, Board of Education, Principals and Teachers Associations, CUPE Support Staff, and District Student Advisory Council to share a report.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 656 7488 7171
Passcode: Kd5t*1cv


DPAC Executive have been reviewing our technology applications and website tools to increase efficiency with communication and file sharing. We have some “free” apps that are not intuitive with other platforms or user-friendly. If there are any PAC members or parents in our District that are experienced with technology, here are two ways to help.

  1. We currently use DreamHost but are interested in switching to a Canadian web hosting provider. WordPress is our website platform but we are interested in WIX or other options. We need support with moving data and setting up a new refreshed website.
  2. We currently use Google drive to share and collaborate on documents and store data in Dropbox. We are interested in paying for a Microsoft Office 365 Suite to keep emails in Outlook, create/edit files in Word and Excel, and store data in OneDrive or SharePoint. The following document shows the options for a non-profit packages with Microsoft. We will be discussing this at our next meeting. If anyone has input or advice, let us know.

DPAC Executive Team – exec@sd57dpac.ca

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