Coalition of Rural Educational Sustainability – Transportation Report

With the school closures our district and province experienced in 2010, a group of rural residents have made it their mandate to look at what could be done to keep our rural schools from closure in the future.  CORES is dedicated to looking into all aspects of the educational system that affects the rural students within our district.  For the rural student to access education, many of them require bussing.  Transportation is just one aspect of the educational system this group is reviewing. The transportation funding from the Provincial Government was determined on historical cost and has seen no increases since 2002.  Although funding has seen no increases over this time period, the costs associated with delivering transportation to students have been increasing year after year.  With no guarantees as to an increase in funding in this area, what other options are available to sustain this service in the future?

Final Report on Rural Educational SustainabilityV1

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