Chris Stern: Answers to DPAC Questions

DPAC questions emailed to trustee candidates October 28th, at 8:30pm. Answers received from Chris Stern October 31st.

1) What do you think is important to parents in the district ?
Getting a good quality education, a safe and healthy environment and the safe transit of students are important to parents in the district

2) Why are you running for trustee?
I have skills that no other trustee running has and feel I can bring some strength to the board with the following skills

  • Have worked for two different school boards in Alberta as a maintenance worker
  • Have 23 years experience working with municipal government
  • Have 15 years as a union activist and I know how to get things done and navigate the red tape

3) What have you done to prepare yourself for the role of trustee?
I have attended many school board meetings. Meet with the PGDTA, the two CUPE locals and attended the new trustee meeting at the school board office
Through my union training I have taken such courses as BC Labour law, parliamentary procedures, conflict resolution and many others
I have researched and read the board polices , gone over the budgets and looked at the provincial formula funding and policies

4) How will you ensure that the schools in this district are safe and caring places for all students?
First we have to make sure that the right polices and procedures are in place as this is what the trustees are limited to.
I will go to the schools and meet with the staff, students and parents to see what their concerns are

5) How do you see your role as trustee in relation to the superintendent and staff?
The superintendent is the only employee that works under the trustees. I would expect that this employee follows the wishes of the trustees
and that both parties work together for the best interests of the kids. The Trustees have no direct influence with the staff but I still wish to know what their issues are.

6) How will you demonstrate and communicate the accountability and transparency of the school board to parents and to the community?
I would do this by attending and participating in relevant functions. Giving out my contact information and following up with parents
Most of all I will stand up for right and wrong and voice what is best to the students. I will give straight answers with no spin.

7) I s there anything else you’d like to add?
I will stand up to the provincial government and their lack of adequate funding. I will document all the short comings in the district and take them to the minister of education in victoria

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