BCCPAC Proxy Forms

We have received 7 valid proxy forms for the BCCPAC AGM, and one proxy form for a school that is not listed as being a BCCPAC member.

PACs listed as BCCPAC members who we have not received proxies for are:

  • Aboriginal Choice School
  • Buckhorn Elementary
  • College Heights Secondary
  • D P Todd Secondary
  • Edgewood Elementary
  • Giscome Elementary School
  • Heather Park Elementary
  • Heritage Elementary
  • Highglen Montessori Elementary
  • Spruceland Traditional Elementary
  • Valemount Elementary
  • Van Bien Elementary
  • Vanway Elementary School

How to submit your proxy form in order to refund half of your BCCPAC membership fee: https://sd57dpac.ca/2012/04/proxy-votes-requested-bccpac-members/

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