BCCPAC Gaming Grant Seminar Recording

On Thursday April 8th, Andrea Sinclair, BCCPAC President, hosted Denise Mahon, a Community Gaming Grant Outreach Coordinator, to discuss the 2021 Gaming Grant Guidelines below.

The full 2 hour recording is below. I suggest watching at least until the 1:03:25 mark. There is an introduction to BCCPAC to start, and then a comprehensive presentation regarding Community Gaming Grants (CGG).

Gaming Grants – 8-Apr-2021 – YouTube

There are many questions answered on the video and in the Q&A document. All the resources are found here: 2021 Gaming Grants Information (bccpac.bc.ca)

If your PAC needs support with Grant Applications, Gaming Account Summary Report (GASR), or with ideas on how to spend the funds, reach out to DPAC at exec@sd57.bc.ca.

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