Annual review of school student codes of student conduct?

At the school board meeting of April 5th, there was a discussion on the school codes of conduct policy.

There are a number of policies that are being updated to better reflect changes to BC laws and regulations. In the cases where the change is a minor change, the policy does not need to go out for public input. In this particular case, there was enough concern that the changes to the policy were not minor that the policy was sent back to committee.

However, the policy as it currently stands states:

“The principal shall consult with parents and teachers and gather information from students in the development and annual review of the school’s code of conduct.”

The revisions stated:

“The school codes of conduct must be reviewed annually with individuals or groups the school considers representative of employees of the board, parents, and students, to assess the effectiveness of the code of conduct in addressing current school safety issues.”

There was some comment by board members about the changes, but they did seem under the impression that annual reviews of the school code of conduct take place in our schools.

Does this happen in your school?

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Also, is the school conduct of conduct displayed in a prominent area of your school, as also called for in policy?

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