Agenda for DPAC meeting April 13, 2015

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Agenda – DPAC General Meeting
Monday, April 13, 2015, 7:00 p.m., Van Bien Training Centre
1. Call to order, Secretary
2. Adoption of agenda and Adoption of Minutes
3. PAC Networking and discussion (To increase the effectiveness of this section of the agenda, we suggest that people report on ideas that may be of interest to other PACs, or concerns that other PACs could help with.)
7:30pm – Partner groups enter
4. Partner Group Presentations (five minutes each – questions may be taken about general topics)
a) DSAC Report (Robin Keahey, Hayley Jakubowski)
b) CUPE Report (Karen Wong)
c) Prince George District Teachers Association Report (Tina Cousins, Richard Giroday)
d) Prince George Principal and Vice Principals Association Report (Dan Watt)
e) Professional Employees Association (Nicole Haines)
f) Superintendent Report (Brian Pepper)
g) Trustee Report (Brenda Hooker)
(5 – 10 minute snack break, opportunity for further partner group discussions)
5. Officer and Committee Reports
a) Executive Board Report (Sarah Holland)
b) Treasurer’s Report (Chris Finke)
c) BCCPAC Report (Dennis Fudge)
d) Nominating Committee for May elections (Darlene, Chris)
6. PAC and Parent Assistance
a) Grant requests – from Quinson
b) Gary Anaka – September 24th – evening presentation & available to schools during the day. Need to arrange publicity and event location – Teenage Brain for parents & students in grade 8-12
c) Fall conference planning – committee to meet
7. Advising School District
a) Education Services Committee Report (Steve)
b) Education Programs and Planning Committee Report (Chris, Darlene)
c) Policy and Governance (Sarah, Dennis)
d) Ad hoc Technology Committee (Steve)
e) Expanded committee of the whole (Dennis, Gillian)
f) Suggestions for School Board Report

8. Other Business
a) BCCPAC Conference – looking for expressions of interest in attending – April 30th to May 3rd (attendees to be selected at April 13th DPAC general meeting)
b) Proxies – requesting these from members
9. Agenda items for next meeting
10. Adjournment – Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 11th, at 7:00 pm, Van Bien.

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