Administrative appointments

The Board of Education is pleased to announce the appointment of Nevio Rossi, currently principal of Harwin Elementary School, to the position of Assistant Superintendent of Schools effective August 1, 2016.

The Board of Education is pleased to announce the following appointments effective August 1, 2016:

Randy Halpape, Principal, CHSS
Faith MacKay, Principal, D.P. Todd

Lisa Norman, Vice Principal, CLA
Sarah Petrisor, Vice Principal, DP Todd
Monique Engert, Vice Principal, CHSS
Stephanie Davies, Vice Principal, Duchess Park Secondary
Curtis Macdonald, Vice Principal, KRSS

Kap Manhas, District Principal Transportation (To December 31, 2016)
Sid Jawanda, District Principal Transportation (Effective January 1, 2017)

Craig Brennan, Principal, Blackburn/Giscome Elementary
Anjula Corbin, Principal, College Heights Elementary
Tom Makowski, Principal, Glenview Elementary
Linda McGraw, Principal, Harwin Elementary
Linda Picton, Principal, Heritage Elementary
Deanna Hood, Principal, Malaspina Elementary
Becky Easton, Principal, Nukko Lake Elementary
Tim Yule, Principal, Polaris Montessori
Lori Dennill, Principal, Quinson Elementary
Karin Paterson, Principal, Spruceland Traditional
Steve Dalla Lana, Principal, Westwood Elementary

Stephanie Coates, Vice Principal, Heather Park Elementary School
Kristy Greenfield, Vice Principal, Heritage Elementary
Joelle Withey, Vice Principal, Spruceland Traditional

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