Aboriginal Education Board Survey

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Since its inception in 1996, the Aboriginal Education Board (AEB) has taken on the role of providing advice and guidance to School District 57 (SD 57) in Aboriginal Education. This partnership has resulted in many exciting initiatives such as the Task Force on Aboriginal Education, the creation of many support services for Aboriginal students, the Aboriginal Choice School (a BC first), and created a new awareness of the issues faced by the Aboriginal learning community.

AEB Statement of Vision & Purpose
“We are Aboriginal community members, who honour the unique gifts given to our children, and we are committed to ensuring that their individual physical, spiritual, mental and emotional needs are met.”

Currently the AEB lists the following as its goals:

• The ensure accountability through sound financial and resource management
• The ensure fair and equitable allocation of resources in the area of culture, language, and support
• To pro-actively recommend improvements to school programs and services
• To ensure we have the capacity to meet our needs
• To provide advocacy

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