Parent Support Circle

During Covid-19, families are asked to stay home as much as possible. Unfortunately, home is not always the safest place for children. We encourage everyone to watch this 3 minute video from Michelle Ward a mom and Pediatrician. Key message: “Ask… listen… and care. Be the one person.”

#the1person – YouTube

The Parent Support Services Society of BC has great resources for parents here. They host Parent Support Circles on Zoom. Two groups are available for Northern BC on Thursdays.

Trudy Klassen, a past DPAC Executive Member, is one of the hosts and she had this to say:

“Together with another mom, I am offering this support group…
Parenting is hard anytime, COVID makes it that much harder! We are running a parent support group open to any parents feeling they need support, whether that’s for parents/ guardians who are struggling with children with disabilities, spectrum, mental illnesses, grieving, separation, COVID, or just growing up, we would be happy to offer support! Please see flyer for additional details and how to register!”

Parents can register on the Google Form by clicking this link.