Administrative Appointments

Superintendent of Schools Brian Pepper is pleased to announce the following appointments, effective immediately:


  • Kap Manhas – Principal, Kelly Road Secondary
  • Steve Baker – Vice-Principal, Duchess Park Secondary
  • Tanya Goodwin – Vice-Principal, Heritage Elementary
  • Kirk Czechmeister – Vice-Principal, Heather Park Elementary


The following principals have been seconded for the 2014-15 school year:
  • Priscilla Prosser – Learning Innovation – Essential Eight (0.5 FTE)
  • Sherry Thibault – Learning Innovation – Essential Eight (0.5 FTE)
  • Lee Karpenko – Learning Innovation – Trades, Skills Training and Program Development (1.0 FTE)


We wish these administrators all the best in their new positions.

Vancouver Sun Article

The school year appears increasingly unlikely to start on time, although early Tuesday evening the Ministry of Education confirmed a meeting is expected to take place Wednesday in Victoria between Education Minister Peter Fassbender, B.C. Teachers’ Federation president Jim Iker and the government’s negotiator Peter Cameron.

But it’s possible schools won’t be closed too far into September. A deal could be reached, or the employer could apply to the Labour Relations Board, arguing that essential service levels have been breached.

In September 2011, a Labour Relations Board decision written by Mark J. Brown found that schools could be closed for up to two weeks without “serious and immediate disruption to the provision of educational programs.” A similar ruling has not been sought in the current dispute.

Beyond two weeks, Brown ruled that disruption to education would vary depending on a student’s grade or the time of year in which the disruption occurred. But even at that point, he would allow teachers to strike one day a week, with their pay reduced accordingly.

A return to a partial strike is not completely out of the question ­— teachers in Vancouver were sent a survey asking if they supported continuing the full strike, moving to a rotating strike or returning to work under a work-to-rule regime. The B.C. Teachers’ Federation said many locals sent out a similar survey, but it would not disclose the results.

While a media blackout covers negotiations, there was speculation on social media that a B.C. Public School Employers’ proposal related to the court case might be holding up the bargaining process.

Part of the BCPSEA proposal E 81 states that “(w)ithin 60 days of the ultimate judicial decision, either party may give written notice to the other of termination of the collective agreement. If notice is given, the collective agreement terminates at the end of that school year, unless the ultimate judicial decision occurs after the end of February, in which case the termination takes place at the end of the following school year.”

When the proposal was introduced back in June, chief negotiator Peter Cameron and Public Service Employer’s Council representative Lee Doney said in a news conference that the clause was instituted as an interim solution until the B.C. Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court of Canada make their ruling.

“I think that’s a very pragmatic and creative way to deal with a problem that both parties are stuck on. It says, ‘Let’s put it on the back burner and when we see the ultimate decision we can decide whether we want to renegotiate from there,’” Doney said, according to a transcript of the news conference.

But Mark Thompson, professor emeritus of industrial relations at the University of B.C.’s Sauder School of Business, said the risk of this clause outweighs any benefit for the province’s 40,000 teachers.

Message from PGDTA

Posted as received from PGDTA.

All Together Rally Tuesday

Good Evening.

There will be a “All Together for Public Education Rally” on Tuesday June 24 at 6PM at the Prince George School Board Office- 2100 Ferry Ave

We are calling on the Union Leaders in our Community to come and take a stand with the Teachers for Public Education.

We would like to see the Brothers and Sisters in BC Federation of Labour stand up with us against this BC Liberal Government.

We are hoping to see Parents and the Community rally with us.
Public Education is under attack and the Teachers need your help.

We are hopeful for a big turn out at the School Board Office on Tuesday June 24th at 6PM, prior to the Board Meeting.

Thank you for passing this message along to your networks.

With much appreciation and solidarity.

Tina Cousins

PGDTA President

Prince George District Teacher’s Association