Teachers withdrawing all services Monday through Wednesday

School District 57 letter, as of March 1, 2012:


FAQ from School District:

2012.03.01 Teacher strike, FAQ

School District letter as of February 28, 2012:




According to the Labour Relations Board, during any job action BCTF members will not picket, block access or egress or otherwise restrict or cause to be restricted in any way, the full and complete access to schools by members of all support unions or impede the operation of other employers who occupy the same premises as schools or school districts.


Minister’s Statement on Job Action:


We are truly disappointed by the union’s decision to hold a three-day strike beginning next week. A strike of this nature will significantly disrupt student learning and creates tremendous concern for parents and families.

The union is in a legal strike position. Under the order from the Labour Relations Board, they are able to fully withdraw for three days, but the order is clear that schools are not to be picketed.

Parents are encouraged to find child-care arrangements for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. However, for parents unable to secure alternate arrangements, all public schools will be open and students will be cared for and supervised.

Schools will be staffed by non-unionized school and district personnel. Given the LRB order preventing schools from being picketed, we also expect all unionized school support staff, such as education assistants, to be present as well. While there will be no instructional time, all staff will ensure students are supervised in a safe environment.

Further, school-based child-care services, such as pre-school and after-school care, are not affected by the strike.


CUPE statement:


The agreement, which the BCTF has asked CUPE to honour, means CUPE members in the K-12 sector are expected to show up to work as scheduled, but should not perform any student supervision which is teacher and administrator work.

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