Superintendent Speaking Notes – June 9, 2014

District Parent Advisory Council

A. Question and Answers – Strike/Lockout

1. Is there a difference between Government and the Employer – are they not one and the same?

From the outside looking in – you may think – YES. However the Provincial Government, Board of Education and the British Columbia Public School Employers’ Association (BCPSEA) operate as independent organizations – so NO they are not one and the same.

2. What advice would you provide to parents during this time of labour unrest?
Ensure students remain focused on their assignments and studies. Our teachers and support staff continue to provide a safe and productive learning environment for students.
For those students asking about the labour dispute – please direct them to the BCPSEA, BCTF, and SD57 websites In this way students can see the understanding/focus of each organization involved in the strike/lockout.

3. Will provincial exams be cancelled this year?

Our Minister of Education has directed that provincial exams will continue as scheduled.

4. Can you share any other helpful information?
Please understand the strike/lockout landscape can change each day. For instance, there will be another Labour Relations Board hearing later this week. The decisions made by the Labour Relations Board (LRB) may provide additional clarity in a number of areas. Please look for the news releases that will likely follow the LRB decisions. In addition please continue to visit the following websites for the most up-to-date information: your school website,,,

B. Principal and Vice Principal Moves

A number of moves will be announced later this week. Principal and Vice Principal moves provide for organizational growth and development, individual capacity building and learning improvement across our system.

C. District Achievement Contract
The District Achievement Contract is a public statement of commitment by the Board of Education to work towards success for each student in the district. School District No. 57 remains committed to “Learning that enriches the life of each student.” To this end, actions are required to support the learning of all students and adult learners.
Please visit our website: to see a draft of the District Achievement Contract. Please consider reading the document and providing feedback to the Board of Education as provided for in the website link.
D. Thank You!
Thank you to DPAC and school PAC volunteers! Your support and advice, and donation of time and expertise are appreciated! We look forward to working with you again next year.

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