Statements from BCTF & Govt re: current situation

Minister of Education Peter Fassbender issued the following statement today:

“Today veteran labour mediator Vince Ready determined that the parties are too far apart for mediation at this time.

“I’m very disappointed for students, parents and teachers. What should be a time of excitement and anticipation will instead be marked by frustration and uncertainty.

“I wish I could tell British Columbians when students will be back in school. But right now, I don’t see any quick or easy solutions.

After two days of work with Vince Ready, it has become clear that the government is not
prepared to find a fair settlement that will get BC’s students and teachers back in classrooms. The BCTF team tried to kick start meaningful talks by dropping some proposals entirely and reducing others substantially. In total, our moves today reduced our package by $125 Million.  Unfortunately, the government did not indicate they were willing to make any meaningful  moves in return.

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