Report from BCCPAC AGM

Please note that these are not the official final results, but are taken from hand-written notes at the conferences.

Elections – as this was an even year, the positions that were open were President,  2nd Vice President, Secretary, and two director positions.

  • President – John Bird
  • 2nd Vice President – Jen Mezei
  • Secretary – Kendra Mann
  • Directors – Karen Nordquist and Tracy Wright


The complete text of resolutions as presented can be found here:

Special Resolutions:

  • 2015.4 and 2015.5 – passed, no amendments
  • 2015.7 – passed,amended to remove the point d) has any health issue as certified by a physician that significantly impacts the ability to perform their duties over an extended period of time
  • 2015.8 – passed
  • 2016.1 – Amendment of Bylaws: Adding the Definition of an Official Delegate to the BCCPAC Bylaws – amended to state “…duly authorized by a Regular Member in any School District…”, and carried

Regular Resolutions:

  • 2015.16 – Implementation of the Parent Portal – carried
  • 2016.2 – Capacity Adjustments – amended to state “…adjust the capacity requirements and utilization calculations”, and carried
  • 2016.3 – BCCPAC Materials – amended to add “…a Parents Guide to Individual Education Plans accessible via the BCCPAC website in digital form to the public… printed copies of these resources would be accessible for a fee.”, and carried
  • 2016.4 Radon Testing – carried, no amendments
  • 2016.5 Volunteer Parent Advocate Training – some amendments, believe it was carried
  • 2016.6 Dust Collection and Remediation in School Wood Shops – carried, no amendments
  • 2016.7 Resources for Teachers – amended to say “adequate and additional operating funding”, carried
  • 2016.8 Capital Funding for New Schools – amended to say “sufficient and additional capital funding”, carried
  • 2016.9 Amended name to Downloaded Cost Presures, from Economic Stability Mandate, amended text to say “BCCPAC advocate that the downloaded cost increases, such as negotiated wage settlements, energy rate increases, and medical services premium increases, be fully funded…”
  • 2016.10 Proper Funding for Quality  Public Education reaffirmed
  • 2016.11 Ministry Funding Formula reaffirmed
  • 2016.12 Cooperation between Ministries for Student Success – amended to change “learning disabilities” to “academic, physical, behavioural, social and/or emotional challenges”, carried
  • 2016.13 Funding for Successful Students – defeated
  • 2016.14 to 2016.15, Life membership for Stephanie Longstaff, Susan Wilson, and Terry Berting – carried
  • 2016.17 Discrimination in Schools, amended to remove the words “not only to stop discrimination in our schools but also”, carried
  • 2016.18 Increased Penalties for Failing to Stop for School Buses, carried

Motions from the Floor:

  • 2016.19 That BCCPAC advocate for appropriate funding for programs and resources for learners with asynchronous development / gifted learners, carried  (a definition: “Giftedness is asynchronous development in which advanced cognitive abilities and heightened intensity combine to create inner experiences and awareness that are qualitatively different from the norm.”
  • 2016.20 that BCCPAC write to the Ministers of Finance and Education for the immediate investment back to the operating budget of the $29 million in savings for the 2015/16 and the $54 million for 2016/17 collected under the mandated “Administrated Savings Plan”, carried.



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