Proxy Voting for BCCPAC

Two DPAC members will be attending the BCCPAC AGM, Sarah Holland and Jacqui Dockray. We encourage all BCCPAC members who aren’t attending the AGM to fill out the proxy vote forms with those names, fax them down to BCCPAC at 604-687-4488 (or email them to, and also provide the form to DPAC. Forms can be dropped off at the DPAC box at the school board office, faxed to Sarah Holland at (250) 614-1316, or emailed to

From the Proxy instructions:

3.  All proxy forms must be completed and signed by two members of that member’s PAC/DPAC executive in order for an authorized delegate to exercise Regular Member voting rights.

4.  In order to allow for the efficient operation of the Annual General Meeting, members are encouraged to mail, fax, or scan and email completed proxy forms to the BCCPAC office  in advance.  Proxy forms received in this manner no later than April 22, 2011 at 4:30pm, will be verified and registered by staff in advance of the AGM. Voting cards for  these proxies may be picked up by the authorized delegate at the Proxy Room with proof of identity. Confirmation of proxy forms that are submitted in advance will be sent within three days of receipt and registration to the Executive officers who signed the form.  If you do not receive confirmation please contact the office.

5.  Proxy forms not received by April 22, 2011 are required to be delivered to the Proxy Room  at the venue  (which will be open during the Spring Conference) in order to receive a voting card to participate at the AGM.   Please note that as proxy forms need to be validated and processed before they can be exchanged for voting cards, BCCPAC cannot guarantee that proxy forms received after 5:00pm on April 29, 2011 will be processed and exchanged for voting cards in time for the start of the AGM.

6.  The delegate carrying your proxy should be aware of how your council wishes its vote to be cast (a Voting  Instruction Form  is available on the BCCPAC website).  Members should be aware that new information frequently comes to light during the debate on a motion.  Please be aware that by authorizing a delegate and/or authorizing the transfer of  your proxy you are assigning your voting right to the individual who holds your proxy at the time of any vote.  BCCPAC has no way of guaranteeing that the proxy holder will vote the way your council wishes.

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