Daily Health Check for Students

School District 57 released a new Daily Health Check for Students on April 12. This explains the symptoms to watch for, outlines when to stay home or call for a health assessment, guidelines for returning from travel, and describes what a close contact should do. Please review this form with your family and check students for symptoms daily. Stay safe and healthy!

April 2021 DPAC Minutes

We had a full agenda on Monday for our monthly DPAC Meeting. Please review the minutes and recording (2 files) below.

We have decided to host a PAC Networking event on Zoom where PACs can talk about hot lunches, fundraisers, gaming grant spending, and any other issues or information they would like to share with other schools. Watch for a date in May to be announced!

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. Email exec@sd57.bc.ca.

DPAC Meeting – April 12

We hope you will be joining us for our DPAC Meeting Monday April 12 at 6:30 on Zoom. See documents below:

The March Minutes can be found here.

DPAC Zoom Administrator is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 656 7488 7171
Passcode: Kd5t*1cv

BCCPAC Proxy Vote Forms

On Saturday May 1, 2021, the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC) is holding their Annual General Meeting. The AGM is on Zoom from 8:30am to 3:30pm. All Members in good standing are encouraged to attend and vote (speak if you wish).

It is very important that each PAC registers by April 19 with a signed Proxy Vote Form ready to upload. Because the AGM is virtual, ALL PACs must have 1 delegate authorized to speak and vote. Complete page 2 of the form below.

A strong voice for the North! Here are the SD57 Members (21):

SD#School Name2019-2020
Eligble to
Vote at AGM
57Blackburn ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Buckhorn ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57College Heights ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Duchess Park SecondaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Edgewood Elementary SD57ACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Glenview ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Hart Highlands ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Heather Park ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Heritage ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Kelly Road/Shas ti SecondaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Malaspina ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Morfee ElementaryACTIVENO
57Nukko Lake ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Peden Hill ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Pineview ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Polaris Montessori ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Prince George SecondaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Quinson ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Southridge ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Spruceland TraditionalACTIVEACTIVENO
57Valemount ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Van Bien ElementaryACTIVENO
57Vanway ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
If you have not paid your membership dues by Dec 31, 2020 you are not eligible to VOTE, but can still attend the AGM.

DPAC will reimburse the $75 annual membership fee for all PACs who register and attend the AGM. Please confirm your registration and representative by emailing exec@sd57dpac.ca.

Re-Start Plan Update

On March 30, 2021 the Public Health Office issued updates to the K-12 COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines. Full details are here. They are temporary measures in place starting today April 6 until April 19 when protocols will be reassessed. Key updates are highlighted in yellow on pages 2-4 of the updated SD57 Re-start Plan below.

This was accompanied by this letter to parents.

If you have any questions or comments, submit them to the DPAC Executive as we have opportunities to address them with Senior Administration during weekly and monthly meetings. Email exec@sd57dpac.ca. We appreciate your engagement and support during these challenging times.

Parent Support Circle

During Covid-19, families are asked to stay home as much as possible. Unfortunately, home is not always the safest place for children. We encourage everyone to watch this 3 minute video from Michelle Ward a mom and Pediatrician. Key message: “Ask… listen… and care. Be the one person.”

#the1person – YouTube

The Parent Support Services Society of BC has great resources for parents here. They host Parent Support Circles on Zoom. Two groups are available for Northern BC on Thursdays.

Trudy Klassen, a past DPAC Executive Member, is one of the hosts and she had this to say:

“Together with another mom, I am offering this support group…
Parenting is hard anytime, COVID makes it that much harder! We are running a parent support group open to any parents feeling they need support, whether that’s for parents/ guardians who are struggling with children with disabilities, spectrum, mental illnesses, grieving, separation, COVID, or just growing up, we would be happy to offer support! Please see flyer for additional details and how to register!”

Parents can register on the Google Form by clicking this link.

BCCPAC Covid Update – Mar 15, 2021

Important updates from the Public Health Office on Monday March 15 including modeling and projections for Covid-19. To understand what it means to you as a parent, check out the BCCPAC update and links here. There are other resources from the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) below.

In case you missed it…. SD57 Stage 2 – COVID-19 Safe Work Procedures (Re-Start Plan) was revised and distributed Feb 26, 2021. DPAC attended consultation meetings regarding this Plan and are happy to see recommended changes made. Main areas to update is 2m physical distance (not 1-2 m), guidance for staff wearing masks, ventilation, and high intensity activities in PE. Please familiarize yourself with the whole document including Appendices regarding Control Measures, Daily Health Checks, and what to do when Covid-19 Symptoms arise, whether Testing is required, and when to Return to School.

See the full report below and further updates on the website:

Contact the DPAC Executive anytime you need info or guidance with this information exec@sd57dpac.ca.

Gaming Grant Seminar

The BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils advocates and communicates on behalf of parents throughout our province. Very important work has been happening through the pandemic to ensure equal access and successful learning options for all K-12 students.

There are many benefits to a BCCPAC membership including:

  1. Access to a comprehensive, informative website and Facebook updates.
  2. BCCPAC Virtual AGM May 1, 2021 – more info to follow in another post
  3. Parent Education Conference – The Power of Change Empower Yourself – May 28-29, 2021 – check your email for more information
  4. Member Community Forum here.
  5. Free Zoom licenses for PACs.
  6. Informative training including a recent Treasurer Bootcamp and the upcoming Gaming Grant session.

Gaming Grants 2021/2022 Overview: What You Need to Know
More information at the BCCPAC website here.
Register for the Zoom Webinar here: Webinar Registration – Zoom

The presentation will cover an overview of the Community Gaming Grant program and revisions to the DPAC/PAC Guidelines and the Capital Project grant, advice and examples of eligible uses of PAC funding, commonly asked questions, and will include a Q&A period.

Denise Mahon – Manager of Policy and Community Outreach – Community Gaming Grants Branch
Previous to this role, Denise has held various positions within government related to the sport sector, not-for-profits and for-profit sector, as well as employment and training programs.

Andrea Sinclair – President, BCCPAC

District Learner Supports

At our March DPAC meeting, we had guests from our District join us for a presentation for parents on District Learning Supports and Alternate Community Programs. Our guests were:

– Lisa Horswell, Director of Instruction, Inclusive Education
– Christa Barnes, Alternate Community Programs (ACP), Principal
– Rob Lewis, Central Interior Distance Education (CIDES) & Continuing Ed, Vice-Principal

The presentation is about District Learner Supports (DLS) including Alternate Community Programs (ACP), DELS (District Elementary Learner Support), CIDES (Central Interior Distance Education School), and Continuing (Adult) Education programs that are running in and through the Centre for Learning Alternatives (CLS) at John McInnis.

View the recording here (there is 1.5 min of black at the beginning):

The slides are in the following PDF file:

After the presentation, there was an opportunity for parents to ask questions. That section is not included in the recording, so if you have any further questions or comments, contact DPAC at exec@sd57dpac.ca.