Insurance Update

DPAC and the SD57 have been working to resolve the issues around insurance requirements for PAC events. As of our recent October meeting with the District, please note the following:

1. PACs are not to cancel any events due to concerns around insurance and liability – if your PAC has concerns or questions please contact the DPAC, your school Administration or SD57 directly.

2. PACs – Please use this form called Application for the Use of School Facilities – PAC Event; Complete the form to the best of your ability and then review it with your school Principal or Vice-Principal. They will ensure that it is filled out correctly and then submit it to SD57. The “Licensee” on the form is either the person booking the event or a member of the PAC Executive – it is simply a formal reference to the person or party organizing the event.

3. Event info is general information about the event being planned.

4. Activity Leader is the person in charge of organizing the event

5. Other form updates that have been requested include:

  • The “business phone” will be changed to “cell/other”
  • “Days of the Week” and “Frequency” fields will be removed
  • “Start Date” and “End Date” will be removed and replaced by “Event date and times”
  • Clarification about the term “Licensee”
  • Who can sign on behalf the Licensee – either a member of the PAC executive, or the event organizer (needs to be attending the event)
  • “First Aid” may not be a relevant policy on the checklist – under review – leave blank for now
  • “Official Position with the Organization” will be changed to “Event Applicant”

6. Once the form is filled out and completed, the event organizer or PAC delegate will submit to their school administration for review and to have them sign and submit the form to the SD57 office.

7. The District will soon have an online Criminal Record Check system. Regardless, all PAC volunteers must have an up-do-date criminal record check on file. Please submit a list of volunteers for the event you are booking, along with the booking form, to your school administration. They will then confirm with the District that those volunteers do, or do not, have criminal record checks on file.

8. Child-minding during PAC meetings: It is suggested that children remain in view and under the care of their parent during meetings and other events.  Further discussion is still happening at the school district level; in the meantime SD57 and DPAC asks PACs to refer to this link from the Ministry of BC as reference as this is what SD57 is using to review the issues.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions or concerns. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this issue.

Your DPAC Executive Team

DPAC Meeting & Events

We hope to see you at our monthly meeting on Monday October 7, 2019 starting at 6:30pm at Van Bien Training Centre. All parents are encouraged to attend.

DPAC Representatives are elected to attend on behalf of their elementary or high school PAC. Partner Groups report on activities and initiatives throughout School District 57. This includes Representatives from Senior Administration, School Board Trustees, Principals & Vice Principals Association, Prince George District Teachers Association, CUPE, and more. Great information and access to decision makers in our District!

Upcoming Seminar for Parents about Adolescent Brain Development this Wednesday Oct. 9 at South Fort George Family Resource Centre

FoodSafe for PAC Parents Sunday Nov. 17 8:30am – 3:30pm at Van Bien Training Centre – For more information or to register click: here

The White Hatter is coming to Prince George again! Details below.

Please “Like” our page “Prince George District Parent Advisory Council” on Facebook. PAC Executive Members can join “SD57 PACs” Facebook Group. There is also “PG PAC Connections” Facebook group for general discussions and forum to share ideas.

Welcome Back, from DPAC

We are excited to get back to business, continuing to support PACs and families in School District 57. A big thank you to our District Leaders and Administrators, Principals and Vice-Principals, Teachers, and Support Staff for all they do to ensure a smooth start up and continued success throughout the school year.

DPAC Executive Members (elected at AGM on May 6, 2019)

CHAIR:  Andrea Beckett
VICE CHAIR:  Kim Pryschlak
TREASURER:  Arlene McKibbin
SECRETARY:  Milanka Pavlic
DIRECTOR:  Nicole Laferriere
DIRECTOR:  Amie Thibodeau
DIRECTOR/Media Support:  Christa Porter
You can contact us at anytime at Like our page at and message us there.

Insurance Update

We know that PACs have received confusing and conflicting information about booking the school for meetings and events and have been asked to provide proof of insurance to the City. We thank you for your patience as DPAC advocates on your behalf regarding this matter. Here’s what we know:

In response to a requirement in the User Agreement with the City of Prince George, School District 57 has an “Application for Use of School Facilities” form and policies for licensees to book facilities, pay fees, and show sufficient insurance coverage. It will be rolled out to schools soon.

Parent Advisory Councils (PACs) and District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) are mandated to operate under the School Act and the District does not intend to cause financial hardship to our non-profit organizations. They are working to ensure we do not have to pay user fees or purchase insurance.
If you have previously incurred a cost for a meeting or event, forward the receipt to

Further information on the booking process and exemptions will be provided at the September DPAC meeting as well as updates on other initiatives.
We hope to have representatives from all PACs attend.

DPAC Meeting Monday Sept. 9 at 6:30pm Van Bien Training Centre

BCCPAC Update (AGM and Year in Review)

AGM Minutes and Resolutions Details

On behalf of the membership, the 2019 Annual General Meeting Minutes have been approved by the Member Minutes Approval Committee. During the business of the AGM the membership ratified three Special Resolutions and 18 Ordinary Resolutions including changes to the Member Resolutions Policy 4020 and annual membership fees. The Minutes include the full details of all the Special and Ordinary Resolutions brought forward during the AGM.

Membership Renewal

September 1st marks the start of the 2019-20 membership year so YES it’s time to renew!

The membership year is from September 1 to August 31 and the membership fee is paid annually.

All members benefit from the ongoing activities of BCCPAC and your membership helps enable us to continue to support members. To remain beneficial to and representative of our membership, we need to continue our work with parent advocacy and as parent representatives provincially with both the Ministry and education partners. Review the highlights of our work during 2018 on your behalf.

Be part of the collective voice recognized by government and education stakeholders who involve BCCPAC as the provincial voice of parents. We have been and continue to represent parents at the provincial level and provide direct feedback and engage in dialogue on behalf of our members. Members have the ability to become involved in committees, provide input throughout the year, request help or guidance from our staff or Board, keep advised on current and emerging issues within public education and engage in democratic process of elections and resolutions which help guide BCCPAC’s priorities.

The membership fee for PACs remains the same this year at the current fee of $75. Review the PAC Instructions before renewing online.
Per Resolution 2019.15 passed at the AGM, the membership fee has increased for DPACs and is now $150 per year. While all members benefit from the ongoing activities of BCCPAC, our DPAC members receive additional support directly through specific initiatives such as the Leadership Summit and travel subsidies. DPACs – Reminder DPACs can pay for their BCCPAC membership from their Gaming Grant funds per the guidelines. Review the DPAC Instructions for renewing online.


Reminder to DPACs also that the Leadership Summit will be held in Richmond on November 15-16, 2019 and BCCPAC will cover costs associated for two of your Executive (Chair +1) to attend:

  • Up to 2 delegates per District
  • Catered meals during event for both
  • 1 (one) hotel guest room (room & taxes only) for 2 nights for SD 5 – 34 and 46 – 85
  • 1 (one) hotel guest room (room & taxes only) for 1 night for SD 35 – 45
  • Travel subsidies available for Districts 5 – 34 and 46 – 85
  • Parking at the hotel

Don’t delay! Renew Membership Today!

Her Time – an Anti-Gang Initiative

There are presentations around the District at schools as well as one Community Event that is open to everyone. Please attend – this is valuable, useful information!
Community Event:
College Heights Secondary Multipurpose Room

Thursday June 6th, 6 to 8 pm

School events (contact School Admin if you’d like to attend, it is up to their discretion):
June 6th:
10:30 a.m. College Heights Secondary
1:40 p.m. DP Todd Secondary
June 7th:
9 a.m. Southridge Elementary
10:30 a.m. Heritage Elementary

Insurance Update

Thank you to all the PAC’s for your patience while we have worked to resolve the issue of PAC’s being required to pay insurance for PAC hosted events at school facilities. DPAC executive met with representatives from the SD57 school board on Wednesday and have been informed that the source of the issue is the SD 57 insurance agreement which requires PAC’s to be adherent to all SD57 policies and procedures when hosting events in order to be covered under the districts insurance agreement. We are actively working with the SD57 administration and board to develop a checklist and form that PAC executives and school administration can complete and sign which will thereby provide documentation showing proof of compliance for risk management and insurance purposes.

In the meantime please do not cancel any events or suspend any planned activities. Please provide DPAC with copies of all insurance receipts for past, current and future events. More updates will be provided by the end of the week of May 13th. If you require any guidance or assistance in the meantime please email the DPAC at or contact us via our Facebook Page (Prince George District Parent Advisory Council) and we will get back to you within 24hrs.

Submit your Proxy Votes by April 26th so Your Vote Counts

All Regular Members in good standing who paid their BCCPAC membership dues by December 31, 2018 are entitled to vote at the BCCPAC AGM. All Proxy Vote Forms must be completed and signed by two members of that member’s PAC/DPAC executive in order for an official delegate to exercise Regular Member voting rights during the AGM. To expedite registration and operations, members are encouraged to scan and email completed Proxy Vote forms to the office in advance of the AGM. Proxy Vote forms received by April 26, 2019 at 4:00pm will be verified and registered in advance of the AGM.

Email your DPAC Executive to find out the delegate names or send your signed forms to the DPAC Executive to have the names filled in. If you know who your delegates are, please send your completed Proxy forms to: with the subject line : Proxy Vote Form