PAC Info Session Resources

We had a great meeting on September 30 with 30 participants representing 28 schools in our district!

The Recording is approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes. Unfortunately, when the screen was being shared, you don’t see the video of the speaker, but audio is there.

As promised, here are some notes from the meeting:

  1. Advocacy Presentation from Andrea Beckett our DPAC Chair (not in attendance)
  2. Summary of SD57 Restart Plan (4 pages). See the full 32-page document here.
  3. Summary of SD57 School Specific Plans and Checklist.
  4. PAC Info Session Q&A including encouragement and communication channels.
  5. Outstanding questions from the session and answers from the District.

 Main points that we discussed (that changed with Updated Restart Plan on Sept 13):

  1. Daily Health Check – review updated list of key symptoms and when to call 8-1-1
  2. PAC access to school buildings and protocols (for meetings, fundraisers, hot lunch)
  3. Hot Lunches are allowed and encouraged

New info:

  1. Amie Thibodeau is our DPAC Director who has agreed to be our DPAC Zoom Administrator. We have 2 zoom licenses that allow up to 300 participants, unlimited minutes, cloud recording, breakout rooms, and many other full features. Amie needs to set up your meeting (or recurring monthly meeting) and send you a link to share with participants. We are working on a request form and process to be communicated soon. In the meantime, email zoom questions to 
  2. All PACs have an email address. No need to coordinate with your Principal. Just contact Morris Scarpino, the IT Manager, and verify your identity. Include in the request and I can confirm. He will send you an invite to your personal email with a temporary password. Once you have logged in the first time with your new password, you can use it as your PAC email. If preferred, you can forward it to your personal or PAC email address. Go to and search “email” and 2 posts will come up with more information.
  3. Volunteer Registration Form must be submitted every school year in order to work with children. Your Criminal Record Check must be on file, valid for 3 years. Ask your School Administrator to check the “database” to see if you are an approved volunteer.

DPAC is working on communicating accurate, up-to-date information with PACs and parents. If there anything you need support with, email us at

(PS – Please share this info with your PAC Members, Parents, and your Principal as needed.)

SD57 Indigenous Education & Orange Shirt Day

Wednesday September 30 is Orange Shirt Day – show your support!

It is held annually on September 30 in Canadian communities with students and staff being encouraged to wear an orange shirt to school that day. Orange Shirt Day began in 2013 as a result of residential school survivor Phyllis Jack Webstad discussing her experience when she arrived at a residential school.

Students brought home a letter and pamphlet outlining SD57 Indigenous Education Department and programs for 2020/21 school year.

More information is found on the website here. Contact Pam Spooner or any of the other staff to find out more.

Also contact Jennifer Pighin if you are interested in being a Parent Representative on the Advisory Committee this year.

DPAC Advocacy

Dear parents and families of students,

We as the DPAC are so very deeply aware of how frustrating and difficult the start of the school year has been for you, especially this last week with the sudden and poorly communicated reorganization and loss of divisions at many schools throughout the district.   Please be aware that DPAC was not engaged or notified of the restructuring by the school district board nor by the district senior administration. We found out about the division changes at 13 schools in SD57 through the voices of our PACs and via Facebook after the decision had been made and carried out by the district, which was extremely upsetting to us. This lack of communication and engagement is not acceptable to us and we need you to know that our DPAC is continuing to advocate strongly and loudly for the needs and rights of students. As such we have escalated the return to school issues, including the recent reorganization, to BCCPAC as our provincial body.

DPACs are the legislated parent voice at the school district level, representing the collective views of school Parent Advisory Councils (PAC) in a school district. The role of DPAC is to advise and engage with the board of education and district administration on any matter(s) relating to education in their school district. DPAC’s advocate for parental involvement in the education system and give input into the development of education policy. However, if we as the DPAC are not aware of changes being considered or put forward by the school district we are unable to provide input, bring forward potential alternative options or advocate for parents and families in the district. There were other options that could have been brought to the table for discussion had we been engaged by the district, as is our legally defined role and right.

Please continue to send us your feedback, thoughts, suggestions, experiences as we continue to advocate vociferously on your behalf.

Please also ensure that every one of your emails or messages gets sent to the SD57 Board of Administration. Their contact information can be found on the SD57 website and is as follows:

Tim Bennett, Chair
Phone: 250-649-8316; Email:
Trent Derrick, Vice Chair
Phone: 778-675-6833; Email:
Betty Bekkering, Trustee
Phone: 250-960-9627; Email:
Ron Polillo, Trustee
Phone: 250-612-9801; Email:
Bob Thompson, Trustee
Phone: 1-778-258-0152; Email:
Shuirose Valimohamed, Trustee
Phone: 1-250-988-1648; Email:
Sharel Warrington, Trustee
Phone: 250-612-8352; Email:

We will share more information with you as we get it.

SD57 District Parent Advisory Executive/DPAC:

Andrea Beckett -Chair
Kim Pryschlak – Vice-Chair
Arlene McKibbin – Treasurer
Christa Porter – Director & Media Support
Amie Thibodeau – Director

September DPAC Agenda and PAC Info Night

September DPAC Meeting

Our first Monthly DPAC Meeting for the 2020/21 school year is Monday September 21 at 6:30pm on ZOOM. You can view the Agenda and Partner Group Questions here:

On Monday, follow the link to join the meeting here.
Meeting ID: 886 7059 9736
Passcode: 221860

PAC Info Session

Please also SAVE THE DATE on Wednesday September 30. DPAC is hosting “What PACs will look like in 2020/21” on Zoom. We hope to see representatives from all 41 schools in our District! Let’s collaborate and brainstorm about all the positive ways we can influence our school communities this year. We will have answers to many of your PAC questions including:

  • Can we have PAC Meetings at the school? If space is limited, can we incorporate Zoom for people to attend remotely?
  • What can parents/PAC members expect when visiting the school? Do we have to make an appointment? What procedures do we follow?
  • If we host a fundraiser where items are delivered to the school to be sorted and distributed, will volunteers be able to work in small groups in the building? Can we set up areas for parents to pick up items?
  • Will there be hot lunches?
  • Other than FoodSafe, are hot lunch volunteers required to follow any other protocols?
  • Can parents volunteer in classrooms?
  • What about volunteer-led sports and after school clubs?
  • Other than Volunteer Application and Criminal Record Check, are there any other protocols for parents volunteering with children?
  • How can PACs help students and staff this year?
  • How do PACs get more information from DPAC and SD57?

If you would like answers to these questions, and have more topics to add to our Agenda, please email

SD57 Re-Start Plan – Updated

School District 57 released a Revised Re-Start Plan and Safe Work Procedures for Stage 2 based on evolving information from the BC Ministry of Education and Public Health Office. They are working hard to adapt and implement plans as things change rapidly. Take some time to review the updated yellow highlighted sections on the 32 page plan.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the Town Hall held on Sept. 3 on Microsoft Teams, please view the recording here. It is 1 hour and 15 minutes where Tim Bennett and Anita Richardson spend time commenting and answering parent questions submitted during the DPAC Town Hall and Covid Feedback email. You may hear YOUR question being asked.

Continue to send questions to and contact if you need support.

Welcome Back! September DPAC Meeting

Welcome back from DPAC! With the first full day of school delayed until today, our first DPAC Monthly Meeting for the year is next Monday September 21 at 6:30pm on Zoom. Agenda and log in details to follow.

We hope to have representatives from all 41 SD57 School PACs at this meeting. Advocating for parents and communicating accurate information is so important right now. Please connect with your PAC Executive and designate a Representative. Mark your calendar and plan to attend!

Please also help us plan our Agenda by sending questions or topics to Thank you!

DPAC Town Hall Recording

We are proud to announce the success of our DPAC Virtual Info Session & Town Hall held on a Zoom Webinar today Aug 26, 2020 at 4pm. Gillian Burnett, a past DPAC Chair and current BCCPAC Treasurer, interviewed two panelists from Northern Health. They are featured with audio only.

Dr. Rakel Kling is the North Interior Medical Health Officer. She has been a Medical Health Officer for Northern Health for 2 years. As a Medical Health Officer, her role is to promote and protect the health of the public and communities.

Petrina Bryant is the Regional Nursing Lead for Healthy Schools and Youth and she is based in Quesnel.   In her role she looks to broadly support and promote the health, wellness and safety of children and youth in the school setting across northern BC. 

We had 207 participants! There were over 60 questions presented and our moderator worked to put forward questions within the allotted time frame, but unfortunately many questions we not heard on air.

All of the questions from the Webinar as well as questions/comments from 22 parent emails will be forward to SD57 Senior Administration for consideration. We hope to publish a Q&A document featuring answers to those specific questions. We appreciate ALL the input everyone gave and look forward to providing more information in the near future.

Virtual Town Hall

We invite all SD57 PACs and Parents to our Virtual Info Session and Town Hall related to health and safety protocols for the September 2020 Restart. Since August 26 is the day that SD57 will post their Restart Plans, we decided to host a conversation with representatives from Northern Health to explain the protocols that will be in place to ensure our students and staff are safe and successful. We understand that this time may interfere with work schedules for many parents so we are making plans to make it available to view at a later time.

If you have any specific comments or questions for our guests, please email

Topic: DPAC Town Hall for Return To School Q&A for PACs
Time: Aug 26, 2020 04:00 PM Pacific Time
Click here to join the Zoom Meeting