PAC Proxy’s Due!!

It’s that time of year again!! It’s PROXY TIME. The 2023 BCCPAC Conference and AGM is just around the corner (May 5th to 7th) and our DPAC is sending representatives down to ensure our PAC and parent voices are represented at the provincial level. We need these Proxy forms completed and sent back to us by April 18th, 2023 – see below.

One of the technical business/legal aspects of our DPAC being able to speak and vote on behalf of our SD57 PACs at the provincial level is a Proxy Form.

What is a Proxy Form? 

Basically PACs and DPAC is made up of many individuals and the PAC/DPAC, as a whole, must authorize an individual to vote or speak on the entire PAC’s or DPAC’s behalf – this is what a Proxy form does. Completing it allows (authorizes) a delegated individual DPAC rep to vote and speak on behalf of a PAC or DPAC.

Completed Proxy forms allow our DPAC to vote on your behalf on the Resolutions being proposed at the BCCPAC AGM – the resolutions can be found and read on Page 28 in the 2023 AGM Book:

For example, resolution 2023.17 reads:

  • 2023.17 Literacy Centers Funding and Policy
  • Submitted by: Kootenay Lake DPAC (SD8)
  • Resolution: Be it resolved that BCCPAC advocate to the Ministry of Education and Childcare to provide targeted funding and policy, to instate literacy centers in each district that will provide intensive (tier 3) evidence-based reading intervention programs; with a minimum ratio of one highly trained teacher to 6 students starting in grade 1/2, to meet eligible students’ appropriate needs for this service in ALL school districts.
  • Positioning Statement: Dyslexia and other learning disabilities (LD) are present in every classroom across the province, the numbers can be as high as 1 in 5 in varying degrees according to Dr. Sally Shaywitz from Yale University. In February last year the Ontario Human Rights Commission released a report on “The Right to Read; Public inquiry into human rights issues affecting students with reading disabilities”. Early intervention and access to resources is imperative for LD/Dyslexic students to reach their potential.
    • Very few school districts in BC have tier 3, intensive intervention literacy centers that use evidence-based structured literacy.
    • Among the few literacy centers in BC districts that do have intensive intervention literacy centers; none of them are accessed early enough by students according to the Right to Read Inquiry.
    • Students with moderate to severe LD need access to intensive intervention as early as grade 1 or 2. Policy and funding provided by the Ministry of Education and Childcare will be required for setting up these literacy centers with specialized teachers.
    • The centers should include screening and use of best practices (including structured literacy).
    • Guidance and involvement from the Ministry of Education and Childcare will ensure that this is done effectively and in a fashion that is similar across districts to ensure continuity and accountability in benchmark development that support the academic success of all students. This would also include tracking the progress of these centers by the Ministry of Education and Childcare.
  • Implementers: Ministry of Education and Childcare, Boards of Education

At the BCCPAC AGM this resolution will be read out by the person who submitted, and they will have a chance to speak to why they submitted it (i.e. elaborate on their submitting statement). There will be a debate on whether the wording needs to be adjusted and once all present at the AGM are happy with the wording it will be voted on.

If this resolution is passed (carried) then BCCPAC will take this resolution forward to the Ministry of Education. Thus resolutions basically direct the work that BCCPAC does in the coming year and what they advocate for at the provincial level with the Ministry of Education.

You as a PAC can direct specifically how you want our DPACs to vote on your behalf – how you want your PAC vote cast for each resolution at the AGM. Every PAC that submits a completed Proxy form in time (before April 28th, 2023) will get a voting card issued to them that equals a vote. Our DPACs will collect these voting cards upon arrival at the AGM and use them to vote on your behalf (think Auction like flag cards that we raise and wave around when we vote in favor of a resolution). However, our DPAC reps use the voting cards individually for each PAC that submitted a form – meaning if you give us specific voting directions for each individual the resolutions listed on page 28 of the BCCPAC AGM Book then we will use your PAC voting card according as each resolution is discussed and voted on in the room. Thus it is important to review the resolutions being voted on and let us know if there are any your PAC feels very strongly about one way or the other – and we will record those decisions and make sure to use your PAC voting card accordingly when that resolution is on the table.

Q: How can I find out if my PAC is eligible to attend, vote and speak at the AGM?

A: Check your PAC’s status on our Membership List.

If your PAC’s membership registration form and payment were received by December 31, 2022, “ACTIVE” will appear in the “2022-2023 Member” column and “YES” will appear in the “Eligible to Vote at 2023 AGM” column; this means your PAC is eligible to attend, speak and vote at the AGM via a completed Proxy form sent with your DPAC reps. Please ensure the attached Proxy form is completed and dual signed by two member of your PAC.

If your PAC’s membership payment was received January 1, 2023 or later, “ACTIVE” will appear in the “2022-2023 Member column and “NO” will appear in the “Eligible to Vote at 2023 AGM” column; this means your PAC is eligible to attend and speak at the AGM, but not vote (no Proxy form required).

If you have recently submitted both your registration form and payment and “ACTIVE” does not appear in the “2022-2023 Member” column, we have not received and/or processed your membership payment yet. Contact our office if you have any concerns about your membership status.

  1. How do I complete a Proxy Form?

A: We have attached the Proxy form to the email sent out to all PACs with DPAC reps and SD57 pre-populated. All your PAC needs to do is have two executive PAC members sign and complete the middle section and then return the form to DPAC before April 28th, 2023. You can also download the pre-populated Proxy form here:

Q: How do I send/submit the Proxy Form?

A: You can print and complete it, then take a picture and email it to with a cc to before April 28th, 2023

Alternatively, you can print and complete then give it to your school Admin to send to DPAC via inter-school mail (put it in an envelope and address to DPAC – via SD57 Head Office) and we will pick them up from our mailbox at the SD57 Office. If you choose this route you must ensure that it is in the inter-office school mail system by April 17th at the latest and let us know that you have mailed it.

Q: Who can be assigned as a delegate (Voting or Non-Voting) on the Proxy Forms?

A: Any parent/guardian who belongs to a BCCPAC member PAC or DPAC. In our case DPAC reps Christa Porter and Andrea Beckett are the DPAC representatives attending BCCPAC on behalf of SD57. The attached Proxy Forms have been pre-populated to make it easier for you.

Q: What is the maximum number of Proxy Forms one delegate can be assigned?

A: There is no limit to the number of proxy forms that can be assigned to any one delegate. Only one Voting Card will be assigned to each member PAC or on behalf of them to the appropriate DPAC representative.

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