New Questions available on BCED Plan

On behalf of the Ministry of Education, we’d like to thank you for your recent comments on the BC Education Plan Engage page. Your thoughts and ideas are helping us to better understand how the public feels about K-12 education in BC and what changes may be needed to make our system even better in the future.

In the weeks ahead we’ll be expanding the conversation to topics such as teacher professional development, assessment in the 21st century, and funding. We’ve just changed the questions to focus on teacher support. Do you have thoughts on what additional opportunities and support we can provide to help teachers support our 21st Century learners? If you do, please join the conversation – it’s now open on the discussion forum.

We encourage you to share this invitation with your friends, colleagues, and personal networks as well. To get a realistic sense of how the public feels about BC K-12 education we need to hear from as many people, from as many places, and as many walks of life as possible. So, please share – we want to hear from everyone who has an interest or a stake in the BC K-12 education system.

See you on the discussion forum!

Sincerely yours,
The BC Education Plan Moderation Team

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