Grade 12 Marks

… Glen Hansman, vice president of the B.C. Teacher’s Federation (BCTF) … said the job action was specifically designed to not impact graduating students.

“For Grade 12 students we will be providing marks required for graduation, post-secondary applications and scholarship purposes,” he said. “The (B.C.) Labour Relations Board and the BCTF agreed what the job action would be with the agreement that Grade 12 marks for post-secondary applications and scholarship applications, that data would be provided.”

The job action began five months ago when B.C.’s teachers began the semester while in the midst of bargaining with the Province over class conditions, salaries and benefits. Since September, students have gone without report cards, as part of the teachers’ job action includes not issuing the end-of-semester reports.

But when it comes to Grade 12 students and the transcripts they need for post-secondary and scholarship applications, parents and students are being assured that the job action will have no affect on those processes.

In the end, McCullough would like to get the word out that when the time comes to get transcripts for anything post-secondary related, students and parents should simply speak with the school’s counsellor or principal.

“Part of this job action has been clear that Grade 12 students will not be interfered with,” said McCullough.



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