General meeting February 5, 2018

The February DPAC meeting is Monday, February 5th at 7pm, at the Van Bien Training and Development Centre.

The agenda package will be posted soon.

We will offer web conferencing for people unable to attend in person (although the quality will depend on the internet connection quality that day).

Web conference link:

If you encounter any difficulty logging in, please text 250-565-4949.

We ask that you send at least one person to represent your school – this is a way that your voice can count in the district. We need representation; we need to know what you want for parents in this district in order to be effective.

It’s important that parents have a strong and effective parent voice, and in order to do this, we need to have representatives from our PACs.

We also need new leadership in this DPAC, as a number of current Executive members will be leaving at the end of their term due to term limits, children graduating, or other commitments.

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