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“Parents will need to keep an eye on the media this weekend to find out if schools will be opening Tuesday morning. [Which would be Wednesday in Prince George school district]

“(I)f there is a deal even at the last minute, we will do everything possible to open schools right away,” Surrey’s superintendent of schools Jordan Tinney said in a letter to parents Friday afternoon.

Veteran mediator Vince Ready was scheduled to meet with the B.C. Public School Employers’ Association’s chief negotiator Peter Cameron and B.C. Teachers’ Federation president Jim Iker Friday afternoon.

“Even if we heard about a deal as late as Monday evening, we could open on Tuesday with our normal shortened opening day routines,” the letter states. “We have been informed by BCPSEA that if there is a deal, likely the process and timing for schools opening will be part of those final conversations with the BCTF. We are asking that parents watch the media and our website.” ”

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BCPSEA statement from August 28th:’%20Association%20Confirms%20Agreement%20With%20Minister’s%20Proposals%20August%2028%202014.pdf


Interesting survey – full summary available here:

Full report here:

August 29, 2014 – A softening of public support for teachers in the ongoing labour dispute between the BC Teachers’ Federation and the BC Government now puts backing for both sides in a virtual tie with days to go before the scheduled start of the new school year.

These are the findings of a new survey, commissioned and paid for by Angus Reid Global, that also show British Columbians have little hope for a deal before schools are supposed to open Tuesday September 2nd, and show parents making alternate plans.


The online survey shows 36 per cent of respondents are most inclined to support teachers in the dispute while 35 per cent back the BC Government. One-quarter (23%) say they support neither side. Support for teachers among parents or direct caregivers to children in school is also split, with 38 per cent taking the teachers’ side over government’s (34%). This represents a softening of support for teachers among parents/caregivers from an earlier ARG poll conducted in June, when they said they supported teachers two-to-one over government (49% to 25%).


Different survey from BC Federation of Labour:

“New public opinion research commissioned by the BC Federation of Labour and released by  Insights West offers very encouraging results for teachers. It shows the general public—and  especially parents—overwhelmingly support teachers in our job action.

“As we head into September, this poll clearly tells us that British Columbians are on side with  BC’s teachers and what they are standing up for,” said Jim Sinclair, President of the BC  Federation of Labour. “The public, especially parents, want the government to respect teachers and invest in public education.” “

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