Fraser Institute School Rankings Released

The Fraser Institute released its latest report card on B.C. elementary schools today, ranking 860 public and independent schools based on data from province-wide tests known as the Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA).

The annual report card is the only “objective, reliable tool. that parents have to compare the academic performance of their child’s school over time and to that of other schools in their community,” Peter Cowley, the institute’s director of school performance studies, says in a release.

But the report card has many critics, including the B.C. Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) and other education partners, who say the rankings are misleading because one set of basic-skills tests, delivered in Grades 4 and 7, is an inadequate measure of a school. The BCTF has been lobbying the Education Ministry for years to change the FSA from a census test to a random sample so that the Fraser Institute, a conservative think-tank, cannot produce its annual rankings.

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