Draft Minutes – November 5, 2012 – General Meeting

DPAC Meeting Minutes Nov 5, 2012

Handed out at meeting – Don Sabo – Nov 5 2012


DRAFT – DPAC MINUTES FOR November 5th, 2012

7:00 p.m. Van Bien Training and Development Centre



DPAC Executive:          Sarah Holland (Chair), Chris Finke (Vice Chair), Gillian Burnett (Treasurer), Jacqueline Dockray (acting Secretary)  and Darlene Campbell (Director).

Partner Groups:          Brian Pepper, Superintendent; Kate Cooke, Trustee; Matt Pearce and Tina Cousins, PGDTA; Lorraine Prouse, CUPE; Faith MacKay, PGPVPA; Jay Khatra, DSAC.

School Reps:                Maureen Schulting, Buckhorn; Darlene Campbell, Nusdeh Yoh and Duchess Park; Jacqueline Dockray, College Heights Elementary; Chris Finke, DP Todd; Shauna Connor, Lac des Bois;  Lotte Andersen, Nukko Lake; Wayne Beach, Peden Hill; Sarah Holland, Heather Park; Michelle Rolfes, PGSS and Pineview; Don Sabo, Pinewood; Ryan Clarke, Quinson; Dennis Fudge, Spruceland


2.         Adoption of Agenda

Unanimous consent


3.         Adoption of October 1st, 2012 Minutes

Adopted as amended – see 7c.


4.         PAC Networking 

• DP Todd – Parent Teacher interviews conducted – first time at interim reporting period, Halloween Dance, pumpkin carving, costume day, MADD presentation for G11&12, Craft Fair Nov  11&12.

• Pinewood – Halloween Dance and parade, presented Staples’ Stock the Lockers – Principal used for something else and then put cash in place for parents and students for other uses.

• Peden Hill – acting group presented cyber-bullying, courtroom set-up, parent-teacher meetings.

• Nukko Lake – parent-teacher interviews with buffet, hot-lunch, popcorn day, silent auction Nov 23rd, Christmas concert during day – parents not happy, leadership students did fun stuff for  , Farm to School program.

• Spruceland – parent-teacher interviews over 3 days, pumpkin carving contest, fun night for Halloween and lots showed up dressed up, want recess to be called a nutritional break.

• Buckhorn – BBQ and open house in Sept., Halloween parties in classrooms and fete, Christmas concert in evening, new fundraising selling gift cards and school gets a percentage, 128 students.

• Quinson – Parent teacher interviews over 3 days, Christmas concert both afternoon and evening, remembrance day ceremony this Friday.

• Nusdeh Yoh – naming ceremony, well attended, negative comments in the paper, Halloween – no masks, face-painting, no implements allowed.

• Duchess Park – meeting next week, fashion show, dressing up for Halloween .

•Pineview – great book fair, Halloween dance at lunchtime for a can of food for foodbank.

• Halloween dance during day, hot lunch, food drive for Salvation Army, Christmas concert split up over day because of parking issues, petition for something to be done with parking.

• College Heights Elementary – Purdy’s Fundraiser, Les Bucherons performance, X-country run, Practicing code red and yellow, DEAR, Hot lunch, Halloween Dance and dress-up, Remembrance Day assembly on Thursday, December 20th Primary Christmas Concert, Movie night Nov. 29th.

• Heather Park – Justice League on cyber-bullying, Christmas soiree by PAC in December, Foodsafe by PAC, G4&5 fundraising for Barkerville and Fort St. James asking PAC for other options, Halloween Dance with Principal as Thing 1, Positive Behaviour Support Session.

• Morfee Elementary – nothing to report, Sarah – aware of survey out for French Immersion at Morfee.


5.  Partner Group Presentations

(a)               DSAC Chair Report – elections, discussed goals for year, bullying initiative, new online reporting, personal one on one reporting would work better. 

(b)               CUPE Report – see attached.

(c)                PGDTA Report – discussion of LIF, greatest need process for money – counselling, EA’s, etc., March against poverty – Adrienne Montany giving anti-poverty report card on 20th of Nov. at Duchess Park at 4 pm, donations, March casserole style to Shirley Bond’s office, BC does not have a child poverty plan, bring clothing donations for E. Fry.

(d)        PGPVA Report – see attached.

(e)        Superintendent’s  Report – see attached.

(f)        Trustee Report –  see attached.


Note:  Ask for Safer Schools and Erase presentation at next DPAC meeting from Cindy Heitman and Susan Johnston.


  1. Officer and Committee Report

(a)       Executive Board Report – see attached – note: open communication with other partner groups

(b)       Treasurer’s Report – see attached  – Request for the Tools, Tips and Techniques to deal with             Media workshop costs to be covered.

Motion:  Treasurer:

That we send Sarah Holland and Chris Finke to the Chamber Media workshop cost not to exceed $450.  Seconded by Nusdeh Yoh.  Carried.

(c)       Budget Committee and DPAC Priorities for Surplus – see attached

Motion:  Budget Committee: 

That the DPAC host a Foodsafe Course for PAC members in January, not to exceed $800.  

Carried – Dennis opposed.

Motion:  Budget Committee:  That DPAC host a PAC Cafe session not to exceed $2000.

Ammendment:  That DPAC convene a committee to organize a PAC Cafe session not to exceed $2000. Seconded by DP Todd. Carried.  Amended Motion Carried.

PAC Cafe Organizing Committee Volunteers:  Darlene Campbell, Maureen Schulting, Sarah Holland.

Report to be made available at the next meeting.

(d)          Conference Committee – BCCPAC Northern Regional Conference – see attached – positive reports all around.  Formal thank you put forward by Vice-chair, Chris Finke:

“On behalf of the DPAC General Membership, I would like to extend a special thank you to those DPAC members, Parent Volunteers and Executive who helped organize and put on a very successful Regional BCCPAC Conference here in Prince George.”

(e)          Education Services Committee Report – see attached – Steve not present to report.

(f)          EPPC Committee Report – see attached.


7.         Announcements/New Business

(a)                Survey to PACs – please send to executive

(b)                PAC Planner – Nusdeh Yoh would support it and would like multiple copies, Quinson thinks it is a great idea and a valuable resource.  Further research and a proposal budget at next meeting looking for volunteers.

(c)                Point of Order:  Don Sabo – issue regarding his resignation.  Feels the general membership should have accepted his resignation, and that he is still therefore the chair of DPAC.  Wanted to put a motion forward that the general membership accept his resignation.  Told the membership that he had some “excellent and reliable sources relating to the subject of chairperson’s resigning from a society’s board”, and presented a 2011 email between executive members discussing Don Sabo’s run for Trustee, and discussion about taking a leave of absence and who would then Chair.  The “excellent and reliable source” was highlighted to be Sarah Holland (see attached email message).

After a short discussion, the Chair indicated that this should be brought forward as a Point of Order and outlined the rules of a Point of Order – any member may make a point of order, does not need to be seconded, the decision of the chair can be appealed so as to be voted on by the members.

Chair ruled that the Point of Order is not valid for three reasons: 1. The Executive board has the authority, as authorized in the bylaws, to conduct the business of the association between general meetings, and can fill vacancies in the executive board.  In the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order, it is noted that the executive board is a proper body to accept resignations, assuming that the executive runs the organization’s affairs between membership meetings, and the bylaws don’t specify that the General Membership has the exclusive authority to accept resignations and fill vacancies.  2.  The Point of Order has not been brought forward in a timely manner.  Don Sabo’s resignation was accepted at the July 16th executive meeting, the membership was informed about the resignation in September and voted to approve a gift to the departing chair, and a gift was presented at the October general meeting. 3.  The Point of Order is improper as the result, if accepted, would end up just re-confirming the resignation of the former chair.

Chair indicated to Don Sabo that he may appeal the ruling of the Chair.  Don Sabo appealed the decision.  No seconder to the appeal.  Point of Order therefore dead.

Meeting adjourned at 9:29 pm.

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