DPAC-BCCPAC Shared Zoom Licenses

At our DPAC Meeting tonight, Amie Thibodeau, the DPAC Zoom Administrator, presented the information and process for booking Zoom Meetings using our Shared Zoom Licenses from BCCPAC.

The advantage of using this paid license is to have unlimited time for meetings and a larger number of participants.

Contact Amie at zoom1sd57dpac@gmail.com with the following completed request form with at least 1 week notice before your meeting.

When your meeting time comes, she will log in, start your meeting, pass controls to the Host/Co-Host, and then leave.

Information on how to use Zoom is found here:

We hear from PACs that many parents are finding it convenience to join on Zoom. Many PACs are offering in-person and zoom for their meetings. Let us know how you are finding parent engagement at your school. Contact the Executive if you need any further support at exec@sd57dpac.ca.

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