Does your PAC need funding from DPAC?

DPAC has some funds set aside for supporting activities that foster parental involvement in the schools and promote effective communication between schools, parents, students and the community.

If your PAC would like funding or support for holding such an activity, please get in touch with us for more details.

In the past, we’ve asked people to fill out a form for certain uses of funds. If the activity you’d like funded doesn’t fall within those guidelines, please just let us know – we are looking to be as flexible as possible, as long as it’s an activity that fosters parental involvement in the schools.

Decisions on funding are made at general DPAC meetings, usually held on the first Monday of each month. Please submit the request in advance of the meeting.

Please complete the information this form and submit via email to exec@sd57dpac. ca – Request for PAC funding 2015

Use of funds:

  • Speaker Grants: up to $300 towards hiring speakers for PAC events
  • Family of Schools Grants: up to $200 contribution toward a joint event, such as within a family of schools (the group of schools around each secondary school), serving to improve communication/interaction between schools
  • Anti-bullying Grant: up to $200 for PACs to promote anti-bullying in their school
  • BCCPAC Conference Attendance: an application may be made if there is any excess DPAC funding to pay for PAC parent attendance at BCCPAC conferences.
  • Something else that helps foster parental involvement in the schools, and/or promotes effective communication between schools, parents, students and the community.

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