Consultation update from School Board Meeting

At the May 1st board meeting, there was a brief verbal report on the upcoming consultation process for the Edgewood Elementary and the French immersion program.

The superintendent reported that the district has been working diligently on consultation plan with the express purpose of reaching as many of the folks directly involved as possible, each household involved, planning to talk to each staff involved. They had initially had thought to provide handouts tonight, on further review, not quite ready for documents to be circulated. Good progress is being made. The goals of consultation are to learn what our constituents – students, staff, community – think from both a programming and where programs are offered perspective. The district is working diligently to ensure consultation process gets that info, and provide thoughtful feedback to the board that considers it. They are also making good progress to plans to provide an electronic process, for households as completing these surveys, where data will stay in Canada. 

There was also a brief update that discussions are taking place regarding consultation for Mackenzie and McBride.

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