printable poster: 2016-conference-poster

Avoiding PAC Problems: Making School Involvement Effective and Enjoyable
Sunday, November 6, 2016
1pm to 5pm
Van Bien Training Centre

Printable poster: 2016-conference-poster

for school volunteers & PACs (new and experienced PAC executive members)

Tickets – $5 each for SD57 PACs ($8 for PACs not in the Prince George School District #57)

your purpose as a PAC
keeping good relationships with volunteers, staff, and your school community
communication and representation within your school community
making sure your meetings are conducted effectively
raising, keeping track of, spending, and protecting your money
what to do when things go wrong

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    1. Prince George DPAC. If you drop it off at the school board office, just leave it in an envelope addressed to DPAC, and tell them to put it in the DPAC box.

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