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Speaking notes from December 7th Board Meeting:
Kirsten Miller Lo
Trish Mahmoud statement
Brenda Herbert
dylan vaillancourt notes
carolyn holmes comments

Other comments or submissions:

Comments on Policy 5119 – Sarah Holland
Applicable Sections of the School Act for Policy 5119 Discussion – Sarah Holland notes

Sandra Lamb Letter

Belinda Larisch letter

5119 ltr 4 Jan 2011[1]

enrolment policy 26apr2010[1]

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  • This policy will be reviewed at a policy and governance committee meeting on January 12th. I sit on this committee and I am reading up on the five stages of policy analysis and development. Interesting stuff, however I do require parent feedback on the proposed changes to this school catchment area and student transfer policy. I am hearing some feedback for keeping siblings togeather, and against the first come first served wording in the policy. I welcome your comments. Don Sabo; SD57 DPAC Chair.

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