Coalition of Rural Educational Sustainability

Passing on an email from CORES:
We are taking this opportunity to advise you of a CORES (Coalition of Rural Educational Sustainability) initiative. CORES has a Facebook page, Cores ForRural Schools, and is inviting all school trustee candidates to become friends and join in our conversations. The upcoming elections for School Trustees are heating up, with 15 candidates when the list was last checked. This month long forum provides candidates the opportunity to engage in open, transparent communication of the issues. CORES is an organization committed to exploring innovative solutions for the dilemma of sustaining our remaining rural schools, but the opportunity exists to explore all issues surrounding education in District 57 and the province. This electronic forum gives rural community members the opportunity to learn more about the candidates from within their own communities. District 57 is geographically large and many community members will not be able to attend other candidate forums held within Prince George. All interested individuals are invited to become friends and share their questions, ideas and opinions.

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