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Provincial funding of schools

A great deal of information on provincial education funding is available on the Ministry of Education website.

This is a summary of funding provided provincially:



The provincial government and BC’s 60 elected Boards of Education co-manage the education system in British Columbia.  The province establishes the amount of grant funding for public education annually, and uses a funding formula to allocate these funds to Boards of Education.
Boards manage and allocate their allotment based on local spending priorities.  In addition, the province provides capital costs and funding for special programs through supplemental government funds.
The funding allocation system provides financial resources for the operation of the K-12 system by using data collected from schools and districts and applying formulae to ensure equity across British Columbia.

Youth Music Workshop – hosted by Inspiring Women Among Us

2nd Annual Wine Women & Song Poster FINAL WITH LINK

Youth Workshop Poster FINAL WITH LINK

The Wine, Women and Song Event is a fund-raiser from Inspiring Women Among Us. Every year, the Inspiring Women Among Us (IWAU) award helps University of Northern British Columbia students who are facing financial obstacles in accessing a university education. On April 21, the second edition of Wine, Women and Song is coming to the Prince George Playhouse. The fund-raising concert features three powerhouse female vocalists: local musicians Britt A.M. and Amy Blanding, and headliner Andrea Superstein. In addition to the performances, a portion of the concert includes a unique, interactive element as members of the public will be able to participate in a mass choir sing-a-long of the song Quiet by Milck (with permission).
Proceeds from the concert will go towards strengthening the award so it can help more deserving students and inspire more next-generation leaders. To date, seven awards have been granted, and every year, a growing number of applications are received.Tickets are $55 in advance or $65 at the door.
A limited number of discounted tickets are available for UNBC and College of New Caledonia students, for $45.
Past recipients of the IWAU award will speak at the event and share their stories.
Tickets include one glass of wine and locally produced chocolate nibbles from Ohh Chocolat Café
Doors open at 6:30 p.m. on April 21 at the Prince George Playhouse. The show begins at 7 p.m​.

BC Family French Camp

BC Family French Camp is a super-fun week-long camp where the kids spend their days doing outdoor activities (hiking, canoeing, games in the woods, archery, making bannock, learning to drum, etc.) all the while singing French camp songs and learning about Quebecois culture from the fantastic counsellors.  It is a wonderful way for your children to have an immersion experience with young people, many of whom are training to be teachers, who love the outdoors and love spending time with kids.  And parents get to take part in workshops and activities along with the counsellors (French not necessary) as well as enjoying the week-long skit that happens in the evenings.
There are three locations – The Shuswap, Gwillim Lake, and Nanaimo.  Each offers a similar but different experience.  Please take a look at the schedule to see which dates would suit you.  Take the leap and try something new.  You will not regret it!!!

DPAC General Meeting Monday, April 9th at 7pm

Join us for our April DPAC meeting Monday, April 9th, at 7pm, at the Van Bien Training Centre.

A full agenda package will be posted.

Sorry, wifi issues, no web conference tonight.

Web conference link:

Agenda – DPAC General Meeting
Monday, April 9, 2018, 7:00 p.m., Van Bien Training Centre
1. Call to order
2. Adoption of agenda and Adoption of Minutes
3. PAC Networking and discussion (To increase the effectiveness of this section of the agenda, we suggest that people report on ideas that may be of interest to other PACs, or concerns that other PACs could help with.)

7:30pm – Partner groups enter
4. Partner Group Presentations (five minutes each – questions may be taken, once all reports are complete, about general topics, detailed and specific questions are best kept to the break)
a) District Student Advisory Council ( )
b) CUPE Report (Karen Wong)
c) Prince George District Teachers Association Report (Joanne Hapke)
d) Prince George Principal and Vice Principals Association Report (Kelly Johansen)
e) Senior Administration Report () –
f) Trustee Report (Sharel Warrington)

(5 – 10 minute snack break, opportunity for further partner group discussions)
5. Elections
a) Nominations committee
6. Officer and Committee Reports
a) Executive Board Report (Gillian Burnett)
b) Treasurer’s Report (Sarah Holland)
c) BCCPAC Report (Gillian Burnett)
7. PAC and Parent Assistance
a) Bussing questions
b) Traffic issues
c) Guest Speaker/Seminar/Conference
8. Advising School District
a) Education Services Committee Report (Steve Shannon)
b) Education Programs and Planning Committee Report (Gillian Burnett)
c) Policy and Governance (Trudy )
d) Extended Committee of the Whole –
e) Suggestions for School Board Report –
9. Other Business
10. Agenda items for next meeting
11. Adjournment – Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 7th, 2018, at 7:00 pm, Van Bien.

FoodSafe course – Saturday, May 26th

DPAC is hosting a FoodSafe course for PAC volunteers (people who volunteer in our public schools) on Saturday, May 26, at the Van Bien Training and Development Centre. A book and certificate will be provided for each participant.

As a reminder, when FoodSafe added expiry dates for FoodSafe certification, people who held FoodSafe at that time were grandfathered in – but those FoodSafe certificates expire in 2018. 

Eventbrite - Prince George DPAC - FoodSafe for PACs - May 26, 2018

What does Foodsafe do?

  • protects public health
  • prepare for employment as a Care Provider or in the food industry
  • to volunteer as a food handler
  • protect your businesses from litigation or embarrassment

As a reminder, for school food programs and PAC fundraising where food is involved, at least one on-site parent is required to have valid FoodSafe certification.


Class runs from 8:30a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
COST: $25 (to cover the book and certificate cost – DPAC is funding the course itself)
Lunch break is from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.
DPAC will be providing lunch and snacks.

FoodSafe is a B.C. Ministry of Health required program for people working in the food service industry. Graduates are registered with the B.C. Ministry of Health and will receive a FoodSafe certificate.

You need to bring your CareCard number to the class.

BCCPAC Conference, AGM, and Proxies

BCCPAC is holding their annual Spring Conference and AGM, May 4-6, 2018, in Richmond BC.

Our DPAC receives a couple of travel subsidies from BCCPAC in order to send members. This helps to grow our expertise in this district, and gives us valuable contacts and information about what’s happening in other districts. If you haven’t already let us know, please let us know if you’re interested by emailing and/or and/or

More info here:

If your PAC is a voting member of BCCPAC, we can take your proxy down in order to cast your vote. We will reimburse your BCCPAC membership if your vote is cast (either by DPAC representatives, or your own representative).

The proxy voting form is now available: BCCPAC_-Proxy-Vote-Form_Members_2018

We will be naming our official delegates at our April general meeting, but if your PAC has the opportunity send in their proxy at this point, we can write in the appropriate names.

If your PAC is a member (please see list below), please fill out the proxy, scan/take a picture, and email it to If you do so, or vote by another method, then your BCCPAC membership will be reimbursed by DPAC.

The BCCPAC resolution package has not yet come out, and we will seeing if there is a need for our typical resolutions meeting to discuss the resolutions.

Our delegates will cast votes for resolutions, and nominees. If you like, you can direct these delgates to vote in a specific way, or to use their best judgement at the time  – just let us know.

Who are BCCPAC members in this district?

Voting members:

  • Beaverly Elementary
  • Blackburn Elementary
  • College Heights Elementary (Ecole)
  • College Heights Secondary
  • DPAC SD#57 Prince George
  • Edgewood Elementary
  • Glenview Elementary
  • Hart Highlands Elementary
  • Heather Park Elementary
  • Heritage Elementary
  • Kelly Road Secondary
  • Lac des Bois (Ecole)
  • Nukko Lake Elementary
  • Peden Hill Elementary
  • Pineview Elementary
  • Prince George Secondary
  • Quinson Elementary
  • Southridge Elementary
  • Spruceland Traditional
  • Vanway Elementary

Non-voting members (membership not received by deadline, according to BCCPAC):

  • Duchess Park Secondary
  • Morfee Elementary


BC Rural Report on education published

draft_rural_education_report_2017  (in case above link doesn’t work)

“The NDP government has quietly released a draft version of the Liberal’s rural education report.

The report found that “stable and predictable funding is critical for education” and that funding based on enrolment does not reflect the higher costs of delivering programs and services in low enrolment and remote communities.

The report recommends a comprehensive review of the K to 12 funding allocation system “to better reflect the operational and education realities of operating schools in rural and remote communities.”

It also recommends the province assist boards of education to keep schools open “where it makes education sense to do so,” and where communities may be adversely impacted.”

NDP quietly releases Liberal rural education report


SD57 draft policies

On February 27, 2018 the Board of Education approved the below draft policies for distribution to reference groups for input.

Draft 5111.5 Policy Ordinarily Resident.pdf

Draft Policy 5119.7 Student Withdrawal.pdf

Draft Policy 6176 In-District Student Work Experience.pdf


  • If you or your organization has any comments, concerns or suggestions about this draft policy, please forward them in writing to:

Diane Nygaard, Executive Assistant

School District No. 57 (Prince George)

2100 Ferry Avenue

Prince George, BC V2L 4R5




School boards and in-camera meetings

The SD57 school board may be interested in the following article from the North Shore News:

A consultant hired by the Ministry of Education to examine allegations of unprofessional conduct, bullying and harassment among members of the North Vancouver School board has recommended that the school board stop holding meetings behind closed doors and offer professional mediation to deal with harassment allegations.

Usually, local governments are only supposed to hold meetings closed to the public to discuss legal, land and personnel issues.

But some local councils and school boards in B.C. stretch the definitions of when closed-door meetings are appropriate, said Dermod Travis, executive director of the watchdog group Integrity B.C. “Some small communities in B.C. have more in-camera meetings than the City of Toronto does,” he said.

In the case of the North Vancouver School District, trustees have met in-camera on a semi-regular basis to discuss issues that would later come up for decisions at the board table.


Rural report

A B.C. parent is accusing the provincial government of hiding a review on rural education from the public after the Ministry of Education refused to release any information about it.

In 2016, the government embarked on a “Status Check on Rural Education.” The review traveled the province and solicited online feedback in order to “paint the picture of rural education as it exists today.”

Trudy Klassen took part as a representative for Salmon Valley, a small Northern B.C. community near Prince George, that lost its elementary school in 2010.


School board, MLA want rural education report released

School District No. 67 trustees are joining a call across the province for the release of a report on the state of rural schools in B.C.

At the Feb. 26 meeting the board voted unanimously to pen a letter to the Minister of Education requesting the release of the results from the rural and remote education review completed by Boundary-Similkameen MLA Linda Larson.


School board calls for public release of rural education report done by MLA Larson



Rural education report will help in review of education funding