Second ThoughtExchange

The first community engagement session ended on March 1 and the results are shared in the following report:

A second community engagement session launched today details are in the parent letter:

Access ThoughtExchange here.

For more information and to see the Board of Education message, check out the SD57 website here: Invitation for Community Engagement – Strategic Plan – School District No. 57 (Prince George) (

Another White Hatter Seminar

Mackenzie Secondary School has booked a second Parent Seminar with The White Hatter this week. Details below.

Email for the link.

The Deep and Dark Dangers of The Internet
Thursday March 18 from 7-9pmYou will be granted access to the SLIDO/VIMEO platform where the White Hatter will be hosting the live event.
You must be available to log on by 6:50 and ready for a 7pm start, engaging for the whole session until 9pm.

If you are unfamiliar with what the White Hatter does, check out the 3.5 minute Intro Video here.

Two Seminars Tonight

There are 2 options for Parents to get valuable information tonight.

#1 – DPAC from School District 71 in Comox Valley is hosting a guest from BCCPAC regarding Advocacy. Email for the link.

BCCPAC – Advocacy: Understanding the Appeals Process


Join us to better understand how the School Act provides parents / guardians with the right to appeal any decision they feel significantly affects the education, health, or safety of the student. Parents and guardians are their child’s natural advocate, making sure their child’s rights, needs and opinions are respected. Advocacy is about working to achieve a successful solution for the benefit of the child. This workshop will provide you with knowledge and tools to successfully handle situations that negatively impact your child’s education and to navigate the school district Appeals Process (Section 11 of the School Act.)

#2 – There is also a Town Hall regarding vaccinations in BC presented by CBC tonight at 7pm on TV, Radio, Facebook, or Website. Go to for more info.

DPAC Meeting – March 1, 2021

We are preparing for our Monthly DPAC Meeting on Monday March 1 at 6:30pm on Zoom. Click this link to join. Meeting ID: 656 7488 7171 Passcode: Kd5t*1cv

We are excited to have guests from our District join us. There is a presentation on Student Learning Supports from:
– Lisa Horswell, Director of Instruction, Inclusive Education
– Christa Barnes, Alternate Community Programs (ACP), Principal,
– Rob Lewis, Central Interior Distance Education (CIDES) & Continuing Ed, Vice-Principal

Minutes from February can be found here.

Policy Review Ad Hoc Committee submitted recommendations to the Board:

Please share this post with your DPAC Representatives and any other parents who would be interested in the information. Thank you!

Next Meeting April 12, 2021

SD57 Strategic Plan Engagement

You have likely seen or heard about the Strategic Plan lately. It is time for the 5 year outlook to be reviewed and proceed with updating the Mission, Vision, and Values. School District No. 57 is asking for input from you! All staff, students, parents, stakeholders, rightsholders, and community members are invited to participate. Check out updates on Facebook here. The same information is found on website here.

Please review the ~5 minute video here.

Access the Thought Exchange application here.

Contact DPAC if there is anything that the Executive can assist with or answer for you.

Virtual Valentines Winners!

The Facebook campaign to show appreciation to School District No. 57 staff was very successful. Here are our winners of the Virtual Valentines Draw:

  1. Ronan M nominated Mrs. Broster at Blackburn Elementary
  2. Grade 3 Student of Parent Julie A nominated Mme. Mitchell at Lac des Bois
  3. Connor P nominated Mrs. Cawsey at DP Todd Secondary
  4. Silas D nominated Mme. Knechtel at Lac des Bois
  5. Channing G nominated Ms. Elsenheimer at Glenview

Thank you to all our participants for sharing and caring!

If you missed the Virtual Valentines, check out 3 batches posted on our DPAC Facebook Page here. Please Like, Share with your school community, and Tag a staff member that was nominated so they can see the sweet messages!

PAC Treasurer & Gaming Bootcamp

Gillian Burnett is the BCCPAC Treasurer and she sits on our SD57 DPAC Executive as Vice-Chair. We are pleased to share resources for PACs from BCCPAC. Find valuable links from the 2020 DPAC Summit here.

The recording of the Treasurer & Gaming Bootcamp is 20 minutes long and can be found on this YouTube link.

The pdf file with all the slides from the Bootcamp presentation is here:

There was a delay in receiving PAC Gaming Grants this year and uncertainty about carrying funds forward due to events and projects being cancelled or delayed due to COVID-19. Find up-to-date info here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the branch at or

David Pyatt, Acting Executive Director, Community Gaming Grants Branch
Community and Legislative Services Division
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Marvene Layte,
Northern Interior Communities Association-REGIONAL OFFICE
Cellphone: 250.612.2031 Office: 250.457.9585

We hope you find this information helpful. If your PAC needs any further support or training, let us know at

Happy New Year 2021

Welcome back to school to all our students, staff, and administrators at SD57. The DPAC Executive is back in the swing of things too. Our next meeting is Monday January 11 at 6:30pm. The Agenda and Zoom link will be posted soon.

If you have any questions or require further information, contact us at “See” you soon!