SD57 Re-Start Plan – Updated

School District 57 released a Revised Re-Start Plan and Safe Work Procedures for Stage 2 based on evolving information from the BC Ministry of Education and Public Health Office. They are working hard to adapt and implement plans as things change rapidly. Take some time to review the updated yellow highlighted sections on the 32 page plan.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the Town Hall held on Sept. 3 on Microsoft Teams, please view the recording here. It is 1 hour and 15 minutes where Tim Bennett and Anita Richardson spend time commenting and answering parent questions submitted during the DPAC Town Hall and Covid Feedback email. You may hear YOUR question being asked.

Continue to send questions to and contact if you need support.

Welcome Back! September DPAC Meeting

Welcome back from DPAC! With the first full day of school delayed until today, our first DPAC Monthly Meeting for the year is next Monday September 21 at 6:30pm on Zoom. Agenda and log in details to follow.

We hope to have representatives from all 41 SD57 School PACs at this meeting. Advocating for parents and communicating accurate information is so important right now. Please connect with your PAC Executive and designate a Representative. Mark your calendar and plan to attend!

Please also help us plan our Agenda by sending questions or topics to Thank you!

DPAC Town Hall Recording

We are proud to announce the success of our DPAC Virtual Info Session & Town Hall held on a Zoom Webinar today Aug 26, 2020 at 4pm. Gillian Burnett, a past DPAC Chair and current BCCPAC Treasurer, interviewed two panelists from Northern Health. They are featured with audio only.

Dr. Rakel Kling is the North Interior Medical Health Officer. She has been a Medical Health Officer for Northern Health for 2 years. As a Medical Health Officer, her role is to promote and protect the health of the public and communities.

Petrina Bryant is the Regional Nursing Lead for Healthy Schools and Youth and she is based in Quesnel.   In her role she looks to broadly support and promote the health, wellness and safety of children and youth in the school setting across northern BC. 

We had 207 participants! There were over 60 questions presented and our moderator worked to put forward questions within the allotted time frame, but unfortunately many questions we not heard on air.

All of the questions from the Webinar as well as questions/comments from 22 parent emails will be forward to SD57 Senior Administration for consideration. We hope to publish a Q&A document featuring answers to those specific questions. We appreciate ALL the input everyone gave and look forward to providing more information in the near future.

Virtual Town Hall

We invite all SD57 PACs and Parents to our Virtual Info Session and Town Hall related to health and safety protocols for the September 2020 Restart. Since August 26 is the day that SD57 will post their Restart Plans, we decided to host a conversation with representatives from Northern Health to explain the protocols that will be in place to ensure our students and staff are safe and successful. We understand that this time may interfere with work schedules for many parents so we are making plans to make it available to view at a later time.

If you have any specific comments or questions for our guests, please email

Topic: DPAC Town Hall for Return To School Q&A for PACs
Time: Aug 26, 2020 04:00 PM Pacific Time
Click here to join the Zoom Meeting

All Parents PLEASE READ!

The BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC) and the SD57 District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) have been busy gathering information and interpreting it for parents regarding September’s Restart Plan. Yes, school will be different in September. Different than last September, different than last April (after Spring Break), and different than the restart in June.

We understand that you have a hard decision to make:
1) Send kids back to school full-time.
2) Register for distributed learning.
3) Switch to homeschooling. See info article here.
Each option has its pros and cons and families have diverse needs that will affect their decisions. This will not be easy, but as long as your children are getting an education, there are no wrong decisions.

DPAC has collected updates for parents on a dedicated website page here:
We recommend 2 recent posts:
1) K-12 Schools are in Stage 2 (July 29)
2) Seeking PAC and Parent Feedback (Aug 14)

Here is some info from the BCCPAC Letter to Members (Aug 13) here.

Admin are back in schools starting tomorrow Aug 17 and the hard work starts… developing a plan… which will change! DPAC was consulted on the plan when students returned in June, and felt that it was solid. We are confident that SD57 will put a strong plan forward on Aug 21 for approval by the Ministry of Education and PHO.

We need PARENT and PAC input! Please comment on your thoughts regarding safety protocols being put in place and feedback on education and social-emotional supports required for your children.

The Public Health Office has released this guidance document for safety in Schools.

These 5 Control Measures will be required in all BC schools.

If you feel that the safety protocols are not sufficient, or there are medical conditions for your child or family where your Physician has recommended you self-isolate, the other option is Distributed Learning. But there are many options that need to be researched and discussed with your School Admin before deciding.

Finally, DPAC is meeting regularly with SD57 and will provide updates in the coming weeks regarding the Restart Plan. We need parents and PACs to be active and advocating for our students! Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Thank you!

New PAC Email Addresses

During the last school year, DPAC worked with the District to set up email addresses for each PAC. We’ve been in contact with each PAC Chairperson at all 41 schools to assist with setting up their accounts.

The advantage of all PACs having a SD57 email is so DPAC can communicate regularly with your current executive, and keep information and history saved in an account where future executives can have access to.

Many of you set up accounts with “”, but now all domains have changed to “”. This is a note from Morris in IT:

We have completed e-mail system upgrades earlier this month, as we transition all district email accounts to the address format.
As a result, all of the login usernames ending in , have been changed to the format.
Please try logging in again with your changed username of: (instead of the old username of )

  • your password should be the same (ie: the password will be the same as what you have been using with the Office 365 account login)
  • All of the emails in the mailbox should still be there (even though the login username has been changed to the format)
  • Also, please note that e-mail messages sent to either or will end up in this mailbox, but we will be dropping the address on October 1st, 2020 — As of this date, the account will have 1 email address:

If you have any issues with this, contact me Christa Porter (DPAC Director – Media Support) at and I will work with Morris to help you get connected.

Seeking PAC and Parent Feedback

BCCPAC and SD57 DPAC are seeking feedback from PAC Reps and Parents regarding the K-12 Education Restart Plan. Take a few minutes to read the detailed update from BCCPAC released yesterday Aug. 13. It explains where we are at, what the Districts are doing to prepare and consult, and some helpful FAQs. Find it on their website here.

The BC Ministry of Education has a section on their website on What Parents Need to Know.

SURVEY – The School of Nursing from UBC has released a survey for parents of children with complex medical needs and the impact that COVID-19 has on them. Complete the survey here. Deadline is Aug 28.

Finally, your SD57 District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) Executives are meeting tomorrow to prepare for a meeting with Senior Administration on Monday. If you have any input on Restart Plans for SD57, please email your letter to us at so we can share with the District.

If you wish to send feedback directly to SD57 email Follow the regular updates on their website here.

Your DPAC Executive Team: Andrea, Kim, Arlene, Amie, Christa
With ongoing support from Trudy (past Executive) and Gillian (BCCPAC)

K-12 Schools are in Stage 2

The Public Health Office and Ministry of Education announced today that all K-12 Schools in BC are now in Stage 2 which has been changed to mean all students attend full-time (all day, Mon-Fri) and will be assigned to Learning Groups. Limits on these groups or cohorts are 60 for Elementary and Middle Schools, and 120 for Secondary Schools.

Please take some time to read the Ministry of Education website here.
1. There is a section where you can better understand Stage 2.
2. A section that explains Learning Groups.
3. A section with timelines for specific plans from the Districts. This includes Distance Learning registration for those who need it.
4. An important section about Health & Safety Guidelines from the BC Centre for Disease Control.
There is even a virtual assistant where you can ask questions.

This document provides health guidance for schools including Control Measures and Personal Protocols that can be taken.

The BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC) has a LOUD voice on the Steering Committee of various partner groups. They are doing a great job at translating this information for parents. Check out their website here including today’s Facebook post here.

We all know there are still many questions to be answered and concerns that will be expressed. DPAC Executives are available via email at if you need support. We encourage you to read and evaluate the education and health information and advice, talk to your children, and make plans for September.