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UPDATE! Results of the PG Voting

As you know we are voting 5 candidates to serve in the Prince George Electoral Area 1 in addition to the 2 incumbents from Mackanzie and McBride. Please research all 13 candidates and plan to vote on October 15. Accountability is important in public education.

Answers to the following questions from the All-Candidates Forum on September 28 are provided on our website here.

NAME Introduction:
Tell us about yourself and why you are running or what you hope to achieve.

Question 1 from CUPE Local 3742: 
What do you view as your responsibility in relation to senior management?

Question 2 from PGDTA: 
School District 57 continues to face a six-year shortage of teachers in all of its communities.  This has already resulted in over 20 thousand hours of lost support to students and District assessment data shows that vulnerable students are not reaching education achievement benchmarks in multiple areas.
What are your ideas for teacher recruitment and retention and how would you advocate at both local and provincial levels for a fully funded serious recruitment and retention plan

Question 3 from DPAC: 
What does accountability mean to you and increasing accountability in SD57?

Question 4:
Please provide a value Statement on Indigenous Education in School District 57.

Below are links to interviews from and

ANTRIM, Cory Public Schools Have Become a ‘Pay to Participate’ System Former Basketball Star

BEKKERING, Betty More Funding Needed for the District
Seeking Re-Election

BRENNAN, Craig In Favour of Organizational Audit as SD57 Trustee
Former Principal

BURNETT, Gillian Run as Trustee as a Natural Next Step
Long-time Parent Advocate

FORTIN, Cathy Bring a Different Perspective to School Board
Retired Beekeeper

MAHONEY, Milton Looking to Keep SD57 Trustee Seat
Running for Re-Election

McCRORY, Shar Looking to Bring Outside Experience as SD57 Trustee
Smithers Area Trustee

McLEAN, Erica Special Advisors Report Prompted Run for SD57 Trustee
Former Indigenous Education Worker

ROBINSON, Damon Bring Outside Perspective to School Board
Student Advocate

ROSITANO, Mike It’s Time to Step Away From ‘Cookie-Cutter’ Programs
Football Coach

SCHROEDER, Bob Bring Back Culture of Education to SD57
Prince George Social Worker

SILVA, Josh District Needs to Up Their Standards
Local Father

TAYLOR, Martin Bring 30 Years of Local Government Service Experience to SD57 Board
Municipal Consultant

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SD57 Trustee Candidates

Regardless of whether you have children or grandchildren in the public school system, it is imperative that you get informed and vote in the 2022 Municipal Election. School District No. 57 School Board Trustees make important decisions and represent the public in education. Congratulations to Rachel Weber and Bob Thompson for being acclaimed in their two seats. We will now determine the remaining 5 seats in the Prince George electoral area. We hope these links will help you with researching the candidates.

Last NameFirst NameEmailSocial Media
ANTRIMCorycoryantrim@gmail.comFacebook: Cory Antrim for School Trustee
BEKKERINGBettytwobekks@shaw.caFacebook: Betty Bekkering
BRENNANCraigPositivechangesd57@gmail.comFacebook: Craig Brennan
BURNETTGillianBurnett8158@gmail.comFacebook: Gillian Burnett for SD57 School Trustee
FORTINCathysarquhar@telus.netFacebook: Cathy Fortin
MAHONEYMilton1mahoney@telus.netFacebook: Milton Mahoney, School District No. 57 Trustee
MCCRORYSharShar4sd57@gmail.comFacebook: Shar McCrory for SD57 Trustee
MCLEANEricamcleanenorth@gmail.comFacebook: Erica McLean for Trustee Twitter
ROBINSONDamonDamon4sd57@gmail.comFacebook: Damon Robinson for SD57 Trustee
ROSITANOMikeElectmikerositano2022@gmail.comFacebook: Coach Mike Rositano for School Board Trustee
SCHROEDERBobBschroeder.trustee2022@gmail.comFacebook: Bob Schroeder for SD57 School Trustee 2022
SILVAJoshJoshsilvasd57@protonmail.comFacebook: Josh Silva
TAYLORMartinMartay5862@gmail.comLinkedIn: Martin Taylor, CLGM





PG Votes – Please review the following resources as you research the mayoral and city counsellor positions.

Mayoral Candidates

September 28

ELECTION 2022: Meet the six Prince George mayoral candidates – My Prince George Now

City Council Candidates

UNBC Oct 1


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Please exercise your previous democratic right to vote. Reach out if you have any questions. Email us anytime at

School District No. 57 District Parent Advisory Council Executive

SD57 Trustees All Candidates Forum

DPAC is cohosting this evening with Prince George District Teachers Association and Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 3742.  We are excited you have joined us as we to get to know our candidates for Trustee running for only 5 positions on the School Board. 

Date: Wednesday September 28. 2022
Time: 6:30 – 8:30pm
Location: Vanier Hall – PGSS
Cost: Free (summaries to be posted by DPAC)
Moderator: Caden Fanshaw from CKPG News

Candidate Introductions

Question 1 from Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 3742:
If you are elected as a trustee, what do you view as your
responsibility in relation to senior management?

Question 2 from Prince George District Teachers Association (PGDTA):
What are your ideas for teacher recruitment and retention
and how would you advocate at both local and provincial
levels for a fully funded serious recruitment and retention

Question 3 from Prince George District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC):
Parents value accountability ‐ what does that mean to you,
how can a trustee work to increase accountability in

Indigenous Education Value Statement

SD 57 Declaration of Election by Voting P.G. Area No. 1.pdf

Final List of Candidates

See you tonight!

Election Results

The election results have been made public on the school district website, and the following 7 people received the highest number of votes:

  • Trish Bella
  • Brenda Hooker
  • Sharrel Warrington
  • Tim Bennett
  • Tony Cable
  • Bruce Wiebe
  • Bob Harris

Our thanks go out to all candidates who stood for election, and for the outgoing trustees who have served this district.

The new board will take office at the inaugural meeting, December 9th.

Where and When to Vote

November 15th, 2014 (General Voting) 8:00am to 8:00pm

  • Blackburn Community Center
  • DP Todd Secondary School
  • Edgewood Elementary School
  • John McInnis Center
  • Kelly Road Secondary School
  • Malaspina Elementary School
  • Ron Brent Elementary School
  • Vanway Elementary School


  • Mackenzie District Office
  • McBride Village office
  • Valemount Community Hall
  • Electoral Area F:
    Eastline Activity Centre, 21840 Upper Fraser Road, Willow River, BC V0J 3C0
    Ferndale Community Hall, 14150 Ferndale Road, Prince George, BC V2K 5C9
    Shell-Glen Fire Hall, 3985 Shelley Road, Prince George, BC V2K 5G1
    Sinclair Mills Community Hall, 37832 Upper Fraser Road, Prince George, BC V0J 3M0
  • Electoral Area H:
    Village of McBride, 100 Robson Centre-855 SW Frontage Road, McBride, BC V0J 2E0
    Valemount Community Hall, 101 Gorse Street, Valemount, BC V0E 2Z0
    Dunster Community Hall, 7085 Read Road, Dunster, BC V0J 1J0
    Tete Jaune Community Hall, 14270 Blackman Road, Tete Jaune, BC V0E 2Z0
  • Bear Lake Local Community:
    Bear Lake Local Community Commission Office, 353 Grizzly Avenue, Bear Lake, BC V0J 3G0


More information here:

Sharel Warrington: Answers to DPAC Questions

DPAC questions emailed to trustee candidates October 28th, at 8:30pm. Answers received from Sharel Warrington November 10th

1. What do you think is important to parents in the district?

As a parent it was important that my children were excited to go to school each day, that they looked forward to their academic challenges, the opportunities to participate in school sports and fine arts programs. It was important that they were supported by thoughtful and effective teachers, teachers who went that extra mile to ensure they knew each of my children and their needs. It was important that their teachers welcomed me into the conversation on how together we could make their education the best it could be. It was also important that there was a supportive, safe, caring and welcoming culture in each school my children attended.

I believe these are the areas of most importance to our parents. They rely on our teachers and schools to put their children’s interests and needs first. They are relying on our public education system to prepare and support their children to be responsible, thoughtful and engaged citizens with the skills and abilities to contribute to society.

2. Why are you running for trustee?

I am seeking re-election for a 4th term. During my nine years on the board, the past three as board chair and 30 years as an elementary and secondary teacher, I have acquired an in-depth working knowledge of the operation of the district. During these nine years I have committed to being a strong voice dedicated to addressing the needs of our students and our schools. Our schools have an increasing responsibility of addressing all areas of a childs development. I believe If we truly value “learning that enriches the life of each student” providing the resources and supports needed must be the number one priority of the district and board. We are responsible for ensuring our classrooms and schools are healthy, safe and responsive learning environments. We are responsible for providing equity of access to all programs and services for all students. There is unfinished work to be done and I am seeking re-election to be part of this work.

3. What have you done to prepare yourself for the role of trustee?

During my nine years on the board, I have committed to understanding the governance, stewardship and leadership responsibilities of being a trustee. These include knowing the responsibilities of school boards under the School Act and government legislation. as well as understanding the policies and operations of the district.

Understanding the role of trustee has required a commitment for research and thoughtful decision making. Understanding the operating challenges of the district, the growing complexities facing our classrooms and the needs of our students and employees are all aspects of being a trustee that I have invested my nine years in and will continue to do so.

Preparation for the role of trustee is ongoing. It is a professional journey, a personal and collective responsibility. As a trustee we are members of a team of eight including our superintendent. A team that needs to be cohesive and committed to keeping the focus of all district decision on the best interests of our students.

4. How will you ensure that the schools in this district are safe and caring places for all students?

As mentioned in the previous question, the responsibility of the board is to ensure all district decisions are in the best interests of our students. That includes safe and caring places for all students to learn and grow. While it is important to have policies in place, it is more important that as a district we focus on supporting practices in all our schools and classrooms that ensure healthy, safe, caring, inclusive and responsive learning environments.

5. How do you see your role as trustee in relation to the superintendent and staff?

The relationship between each trustee, the superintendent and staff must be one of respect and trust. Trustees need to understand their role in governing the district and the superintendents role in managing the operations of the district.

The board and the superintendent need to work together in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation. The work of the board, the superintendent and staff requires respecting the importance of confidentiality at the same time the need for transparency that allows open and responsible debate whether in committee or at the board table.

Trustees individually and the board collectively rely on the Superintendent and staff to keep them fully informed and to provide timely and professional advice that assists the board in making balanced and sustainable decisions. The key to the relationship between the board, its superintendent and staff is respect and trust, collaboration and teamwork. A team that is cohesive and respects its diverse talents and views, challenges the status quo, is open to new ideas and creates a win-win culture throughout the district. .

6. How will you demonstrate and communicate the accountability and transparency of the school board to parents and to the community?

Over the past nine years, each of the three boards have worked to improve both the accountability and transparency of the boards work. The relationship and communication between the board and partner groups has been a priority. The inclusion of partner representation on board committees, budget development and consultation all have improved. Is there more to be done? Definitely.

The future direction of the district through a strategic planning process has been started by the current board. This will involve the engagement of partner groups and community members. It is through this process that improved accountability and transparency may be achieved.

Informing the public and parents of the boards work also requires greater involvement of the media, our improved web site, school liaison representation at PAC’s and trustee involvement in the community initiatives and events.

The current board has worked on greater transparency at the board table. Trustees are encouraged to provide notice of motion on items they wish to have debated at the public table. This has allowed time for staff and trustees to research and to be informed on the issues and for trustees to be prepared to debate publicly.

Past boards have been criticized for lack of transparency and decisions made behind closed doors. While in camera meetings are needed for items required to be discussed in camera, your current board has worked to ensure more transparency at the public table. Regarding the availability of district information, all district public documents including board public documents should be easily accessed through the districts web site.

7. Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I have dedicated over 40 years in the service of this district as a teacher and as a trustee. Throughout that time I have been committed to moving our district forward and making a difference in the lives of our students. On November 15th, I ask your support to continue this important work. On November 15th re-elect Sharel Warrington

Trish Bella: Answers to DPAC Questions

DPAC questions emailed to trustee candidates October 28th, at 8:30pm. Answers received from Trish Bella November 6th

1. What do you think is important to parents in the district?

1) I became involved when my daughter entered kindergarten. My involvement went from the classroom to the school as PAC Chair to the district level as a parent representative and then elected to the Board. I remember what inspired me to become involved. What parents want is the absolute best education opportunities for their children. This includes quality, accessible programing, individual support, access to up to date classroom materials and a clean, safe learning environment. They want to be involved in their child’s education as well as be heard while raising concerns. They want to be able to trust that the public education system is working to provide what is needed for their child to be successful.

2. Why are you running for trustee?
2) I am seeking re-election because of my commitment to public education and my belief that all students have to right to a safe, quality, accessible public education that supports their individual need. I believe that a quality public education system is the cornerstone to our society. I am a firm believer that a locally elected Board of Education is responsible for providing the best educational opportunities for all of the students enrolled in its programs.

3. What have you done to prepare yourself for the role of trustee?
3) I understand the time commitment necessary and the complexities of delivering educational programs within a northern, rural district. We have unique and diverse needs as a district. I travelled around the province as well as met with educational leaders from across Canada while I held the position of Director on the Board for BCSTA. Those opportunities heightened my awareness of possible ways to address our needs.

4. How will you ensure that the schools in this district are safe and caring places for all students?
4) I have asked for regular updates to be given to trustees regarding parent concerns that are not being resolved. I believe trustees must be available as individuals as well as Board to hear concerns and/or challenges being faced by our partners including parents. We need to ensure that policies/procedures are supported and followed. The appropriate policies must be created or updated as needed.

5. How do you see your role as trustee in relation to the superintendent and staff?
5) The governance of the district falls solely upon the elected Board. The Board is responsible for hiring the superintendent. Once hired the superintendent is responsible for the educational programs of the district. The superintendent is accountable to the Board and Ministry of Education. The Board makes its decisions based on input provided by the superintendent and staff. The Board gives direction through the superintendent. It is important to have a respectful, open and collaborative relationship with the superintendent as well as all employees.

6. How will you demonstrate and communicate the accountability and transparency of the school board to parents and to the community?
6) The Board profile needs to be elevated within our community. We need to be out in the media and present at district and community events. The Board needs to make sure that the process for concerns to be brought forward is clear and know. We need to bring all partners together in a united voice for addressing our challenges to the Ministry of Education. A system of checks and balances as well as reporting out decisions needs to be put into place. One such process I have requested through a motion is a tracking system for all correspondence in and out of the board as well as a follow up to the correspondence. I have also questioned the absence of our correspondence in the Board book. I would like to see a tracking of “How they voted” available in the district and will encourage the local media to reinstate it in reporting. There was a time when council decisions were reported as voted. I believe it is an effective reporting structure for the community to be made aware of the decisions made.

7. Is there anything else you’d like to add?
7) I wish to return to the role of trustee to continue working on behalf of all students within our district. I am excited for the possibilities the next 4 years hold. We have the chance now with a new Board and negotiated agreements in place, to bring together our educational community and work for positive change. I want to be involved in that change. I believe “ all students have the right to a safe, quality, accessible public education that supports their individual needs” “ that a quality public education system is the cornerstone of our society” “ that by investing in the education of our students today, our communities will reap the benefits in the future” . I ask for your support in re-electing me to the Board of Education SD57, Prince George.

Dennis Fudge: Answers to DPAC Questions

DPAC questions emailed to trustee candidates October 28th, at 8:30pm. Answers received from Dennis Fudge November 5th

1. What do you think is important to parents in the district?
Since the people answering these questions are running for school board trustee there is a very good chance that most of the answers will be based on a good education and a safe and fun environment for their children. This question is a good example as to how one can miss the real question because they are too focused on a specific topic.
I believe what is most important to parents in the district is to have a good job that they enjoy doing so they can live comfortably and have a happy and healthy family. All parents want their children to be happy so by having a good job they can afford to buy what their children want and do what their children want to do. All parents hope that their children grow up to be an intelligent, healthy adult with a good secure job. That is where education comes in.

2. Why are you running for trustee?

I sometimes ask myself that same question. The position of school board trustee reminds me of the 1980’s song by the Northern Pikes called “She Ain’t Pretty, She Just Looks That Way”. There is a lot of time committed to the position, trustees get a lot of criticism and the pay works out to about $5/hr, if they are lucky. On the positive side a trustee gets to attend a lot of meetings, for those who love meetings. So why am I running in this election? I have an imaginative mind, a sense of humour, the ability to think outside the box, as well as the ability to spot patterns and trends in data. With these strengths I feel I can make a positive difference in the education in this school district. And I am willing to commit the time, take the criticism and attend all those exciting meetings to show that I can make a difference. Perhaps over the years, I, like the Grinch, had a heart that grew three sizes, and I am doing this just because I care.

3. What have you done to prepare yourself for the role of trustee?
If you are referring to what I have done prior to campaigning, the answer is quite simple: I have done nothing. Everything I have done related to education prior to campaigning was done for the students, the teachers, the parents and for all PACs and DPAC. When I helped keep Lakewood from closing ten years ago, it was for the students and the parents in the catchment area. I didn’t have children attending that school at that time. When I presented to the school board five years ago against a single track French Immersion school in Prince George, it was for dual track French Immersion schools in College Heights, Spruceland and the Hart. All the presentations I gave to the trustees, PACs, or other parents over the years were all given to point out certain issues. Even when I wrote a paper on the Fraser Institute Report Card on Elementary Schools, it was for the teachers and the trustees so they can have a better understanding of the strengths and weakness of this report. The seven years I was with DPAC was to represent the school my children attend, and to help DPAC as much as possible, to support PACs. So, I am sorry, but I could not think of one thing I have done to prepare myself for the role of a trustee when I never intended to run for trustee until October 10, 2014.

If you were referring to what I have done since October 10th, well, I had a haircut, bought a pair of shoes two sizes too big, to prevent me from putting my foot in my mouth, and I produced a few signs, since it appears that the signs I ordered may not arrive until after the elections. All are irrelevant for the position.

4. How will you ensure that the schools in this district are safe and caring places for all students?

There is nothing anyone can do to ensure that the schools in this district are safe and caring places for all students, unless they put armed guards around the perimeter and install security cameras everywhere. One cannot guarantee there will not be another Brenda Ann Spencer sitting across the street waiting for the Monday morning bell to ring. Presently, I think the school board has done a good job at keeping the schools safe, but yes, there is always room for improvement.
The main priority is to try to make the schools in this district as safe and caring as possible. Last year, the Board implemented policy 4117 (protecting LGBTQ). This policy should be revisited because it needs to be more enforceable. Even Policy 5131 (code of conduct) may need to be updated since it was revised almost six years ago. Other programs like Safe Start and ERASE have helped as well. Since there have been situations where children as young as eight years old committed suicide, bullying should never be ignored, even in elementary schools.
Other steps that can be taken, are to observe the physical environment and remove or clean up anything that may result in losing sight of students (i.e., low brush or high snow banks), and putting in more lighting for students that arrive early or leave late during the winter.
As for a caring place: if the teachers and PAC in other schools are like those in the school my children attend, then I know they are caring places.

5. How do you see your role as trustee in relation to the superintendent and staff?

I would echo everything the six existing trustees said in their response for this question, because after working with the superintendent and staff for at least three years they would be in the best position to answer this question.

The role as a trustee in relation to the superintendent and staff should be a partnership role. Everyone needs to work together, and before any decisions are made by the trustees, they need to get the advice from staff who have the experience to answers any concerns. As a team, everything needs to be fully understood and agreed by all that a decision is in the best interest of all involved.

6. How will you demonstrate and communicate the accountability and transparency of the school board to parents and to the community?
I believe in providing as much information as possible to the parents. It is known that too much information can be dangerous. Sometimes we need that danger to be brought to the trustee’s attention before it becomes a serious issue. But as long as everything can be justified and accountable there should be no problems. The school board web site needs to be more user friendly and easier to access data or information (like the latest or very old minutes to meetings). Perhaps during the board meeting (as long as they are) there should be question and answer period for the parents.
I am a strong believer in accountability whether it is for federal MPs or local trustees. Decisions are made in the best interest of the student and parents but unfortunately not all decisions are the right ones. Sometimes if problems develop based on a miscalculated decision someone needs to be accountable. If I am involved in any of those decisions I am willing to step forward and take the blame. There may be no “I” in “Team Work” but there is an “I” in “Failure”.

7. Is there anything else you’d like to add?
When asked how one can drop an egg on a concrete floor without cracking it, most people will spend time and resources trying to protect the egg. I would point out that it didn’t matter because no matter how you dropped the egg, it will never crack the concrete floor. Sometimes what seems to be the obvious is not the issue (as in the first question). In order for a board to be successful there needs to be a mixture of strengths in each trustee’s character. The board needs a strong leader, influencer, teacher and a strong innovator who is able to think outside the box.

You will not find a Superman out there to solve all the schools problems, but with the right combination you can have a super team. I am not asking for your vote, I am asking for you to vote, and to vote wisely.

Don Sabo: Answers to DPAC Questions

DPAC questions emailed to trustee candidates October 28th, at 8:30pm. Answers received from Don Sabo November 5th

1. What do you think is important to parents in the district?

I think the most important thing that parents want in this school district is for their children’s education, and support service, needs to be met. I say this in a broad context because every child / student’s needs are unique and different.
Parents of special needs children, for example, would have different expectations of the School District than other parents. Aboriginal parents, given their past experiences with residential schools, may have a not so positive view of education, and because of that; their expectations for their children in the public school system may be different than other parents.
The one thing that a child most needs to succeed in our public education system is their parent’s support and involvement in his/her education. The chances of all children graduating and going on to become productive and engaged members of our society greatly increase with their parent(s) support and involvement. As members of PACs and DPAC you as parents already know this and are fully engaged in your children’s learning. Good for you all, and as an elected trustee, I will work with you to find and implement ways for more parents to become engaged and supportive of their child(ren)’s education.

2. Why are you running for trustee?
I am running for School Trustee because I believe education is the key to our children’s future. I grew up knowing what poverty was like, drinking my share of skimmed powdered milk, eating mush and fried bologna for meat. Our province has the highest child poverty rate in Canada and one of the key ways to raising children out of that cycle of poverty is through education.
I believe public education is being underfunded and undervalued, and I am running for school district trustee because public education in this district needs a strong outspoken advocate. I believe I am that advocate.

3. What have you done to prepare yourself for the role of trustee?
I have attended many school board meetings over the past years and have learned about the roles and responsibilities of all the stakeholder groups that are involved in delivering quality public education to our children.
I have been visiting, reading and learning about school board governance from a good source of authority; the British Columbia School Trustees Association. This is the website address where I am learning and preparing myself for school board governance:

4. How will you ensure that the schools in this district are safe and caring places for all students?
When I was sitting as DPAC Chair, we heard from the District Student Advisory Council (DSAC) that bullying was a problem in our schools, since then bullying may have become less of a problem, but still exists.
I think the new LGBTQ policy that the current school board has developed, and is implementing, goes a long way towards addressing bullying and harassment. However, based on evidence, i.e. the number of reported school place bulling and harassment incidents, targeted anti-bullying initiatives can be implemented at problem school and district wide. The Student Code of Conduct needs to be enforced while at the same time a bullying and harassment awareness campaign could be implemented.
Of course parent education and awareness initiatives would also help and as school trustee I would have the school district work closely with DPAC and the school PACs in delivering that bullying and harassment education and awareness initiative.

5. How do you see your role as trustee in relation to the superintendent and staff?
I see my role, and the school board’s role, as being one of collaboration and team work with school administration, in both delivering quality public education, addressing the concerns of parents, in this district.
As an elected school trustee, I would be one of seven trustees that sits on the school board. The majority of the time, I would work with the rest of the board to “collectively” provide direction to school administration on certain matters.

6. How will you demonstrate and communicate the accountability and transparency of the school board to parents and to the community?
The school board already undertakes a number of communication initiatives that keeps parents and the community informed about school board business: posting school board meeting minutes on the website, attending school PACs and DPAC meetings to report on school board work, inviting and including stakeholder groups on committees, etc.
Can the school board communicate accountability and transparency better, the answer is yes. By being more inclusive of our school district partner groups and the community in school board decision making we can increase accountability and communications.
The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPOP) has been applied too liberally to restrict information flow out of the school district office. I will work hard at increasing public access to important public information about our public education system. Short of confidential Human Resource information, the odd school district business matters that would pose a possible conflict of interest, or have legal implications, should it be made public, ninety percent of school district operating information should be publically available.

7. Is there anything else you would like to add?
I believe in being more inclusive, and this means including the parents in this district. As school trustee I would be in favor of having dedicated space at the school district office for DPAC. In the interest of strengthening parent voice, I would also be in favor of having DPAC use the school board office, and use the school district’s communication system to have parents (PACs and DPAC) communicate better remotely (ie. Mackenzie, McBride, Valemount).
A small amount of additional funding could be allocated to DPAC for have remote PAC representatives travel and attend meetings from out of town. We need to strengthen parent involvement and participation throughout the school district.