DPAC Meeting Agenda – Feb 1, 2021

February is upon us and it is time for our Monthly DPAC Meeting. Please review the Agenda and reports below. We will “see” you on Zoom.

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Meeting ID: 656 7488 7171 Passcode: Kd5t*1cv

DPAC Monthly Meeting – Jan 11, 2021

Our next DPAC Meeting is Monday January 11, 2021 at 6:30pm on Zoom. We don’t have specific questions for our Partner Groups, but we still invite our representatives from Senior Administration, Board of Education, Principals and Teachers Associations, CUPE Support Staff, and District Student Advisory Council to share a report.

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Meeting ID: 656 7488 7171
Passcode: Kd5t*1cv


DPAC Executive have been reviewing our technology applications and website tools to increase efficiency with communication and file sharing. We have some “free” apps that are not intuitive with other platforms or user-friendly. If there are any PAC members or parents in our District that are experienced with technology, here are two ways to help.

  1. We currently use DreamHost but are interested in switching to a Canadian web hosting provider. WordPress is our website platform but we are interested in WIX or other options. We need support with moving data and setting up a new refreshed website.
  2. We currently use Google drive to share and collaborate on documents and store data in Dropbox. We are interested in paying for a Microsoft Office 365 Suite to keep emails in Outlook, create/edit files in Word and Excel, and store data in OneDrive or SharePoint. The following document shows the options for a non-profit packages with Microsoft. We will be discussing this at our next meeting. If anyone has input or advice, let us know.

DPAC Executive Team – exec@sd57dpac.ca

DPAC Meeting Agenda – Dec 7 – Updated

Our December DPAC Meeting is fast approaching. Please review the Agenda and Reports below. See you Monday!

Click the following link to join:
Meeting ID: 656 7488 7171
Passcode: Kd5t*1cv

November DPAC Meeting Minutes (previously posted):

DPAC Meeting Agenda – Nov 2

We look forward to “seeing” everyone on Zoom tonight at 6:30pm for our Monthly DPAC Meeting. Please review the following documents prior to joining.

Click the following link to join:
Meeting ID: 656 7488 7171
Passcode: Kd5t*1cv

Financial Report and Budget for review:

We will be reviewing the following documents and discussing the Zoom Meeting process:

We will be adopting minutes from September and October (previously posted):

June DPAC Meeting – Tonight!

Our last meeting of the school year is tonight June 1 at 6:30pm on ZOOM. Please plan to join us and give input on the SD57 Restart Plan and other programs and initiatives in our schools. We need 9 PACs represented to reach quorum.

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Meeting ID: 827 3743 4510
Password: 317793

Contact the Executive anytime at DPAC@sd57learn.com or exec@sd57dpac.ca. Thanks!

DPAC Meeting Agenda – Apr 6

Our April meeting is online! We look forward to collaborating with PAC and Partner Groups on ZOOM. It is a great way for more PAC Reps and parents to engage with DPAC and find out about all the changes within our District.

For more information on how to connect, review our website post here.

If you have additional questions for the School Board, Senior Administration, Principals and Vice Principals Association, Teachers Association, and CUPE, please review these instructions and complete the form. Email to dpac@sd57learn.com.

See you Monday!
From: The Prince George District Parent Advisory Council Executive

DPAC Meeting – March 2

We hope you can join us for our monthly General Meeting on Monday March 2, 2020 starting at 6:30pm at the Van Bien Training Centre.

DPAC Minutes from February 3 can be found here.

The following are Reports from District Committee Meetings attended in February:

The DPAC Executive Team has reviewed the events from last Tuesday’s Board Meeting as well as the subsequent posts and feedback from the community regarding the renaming of Kelly Road Secondary. We have discussed the issue and struggle with the same questions that have already been raised. We hope to receive clarity at our Monthly Meeting on Monday. We will have representatives from the Board, Office of the Superintendent, Principals/Vice-Principals, Teachers, and CUPE attending to give input, but we will limit the discussion at that time. There will be an opportunity for parents and PACs to voice their concerns and questions at the end of the meeting. DPAC Executive will listen to parent feedback and do our best to represent the parent voice in this matter. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

New process for parents to submit suggested questions for the Partner Groups:

Feel free to contact us at exec@sd57dpac.ca if you have questions or feedback on any of this information. See you at the meeting!

First DPAC Meeting for 2020

Welcome back! We look forward to collaborating with you at the first DPAC Meeting of the year Monday January 6th, 2020. We are at the Van Bien Training Centre (side door entrance on Upland Street side) at 6:30pm until around 8:30pm.

We look forward to meeting our new District Superintendent Anita Richardson. We also have the opportunity to hear from the Honorable Shirley Bond and Mike Morris, or local MLAs in the BC Legislature. As usual, we will have presentations from CUPE, the Teacher’s Union, Principals Association, and School Board. Please come with ideas and encouragement for all our guests!

November Meeting Minutes & Agenda for December 2

The school year is in full swing and moving steady right into Christmas break. Please review the minutes from our November 4th meeting.

Plans are underway for a PAC Cafe in the new year. Plan to come to our next meeting on Monday to hear about that and much more. Representatives from Senior Administration, the Board of Education, and many other partner groups are there to provide information on initiatives within the District and answer parent’s questions. PAC Representatives from multiple schools benefit from discussions and networking regarding fundraisers and programs that they run at their elementary and secondary schools. Even if you are not an elected PAC Rep, all parents are welcome to attend!

DPAC Meeting Monday Dec 2, 2019 6:30pm at Van Bien Training Centre