Bruce Wiebe: Answers to DPAC questions

DPAC questions emailed to trustee candidates October 28th, at 8:30pm. Answers received from Bruce Wiebe November 1st.

1. What do you think is important to parents in the district?

Parents want their children to enjoy learning in a safe, positive environment where they will receive quality instruction and maximum learning success. Caring teachers that will help each child develop a broad range of skills that will ensure ongoing success throughout life.
2. Why are you running for trustee?
For 35 years, as an educator and school principal, I have worked with children, parents and staff to provide a wide range of learning opportunities for each child. As a school trustee, I will have the privilege of continuing to support and expand educational opportunities for all students across School District 57.
3. What have you done to prepare yourself for the role of trustee?
My career as a teacher and a principal of Dunster, McBride, Hixon, Nukko Lake, Malaspina and Vanway Schools gives me clear knowledge of the needs of students and school communities across the district. I have a strong knowledge of operating systems, and district budgets, of the curriculum and of district policies. I understand student growth and development learning levels and care about student success.
4. How will you ensure that the schools in this district are safe and caring places for all students?
I will work with the district educational professionals and the parent communities to support and enhance safe and caring schools. I believe that we need zero tolerance for fighting and bullying, with clear expectations, direct guidelines and fair but consistent consequences. In addition, I value the need for providing social counselling for students in need. We need to look at programs that help build self-esteem and self-control. We need to encourage cooperation, teamwork and acceptance of diversities.
5. How do you see your role as trustee in relation to the superintendent and staff?
The superintendent and staff are the educational professionals that provide and manage day to day educational processes to meet the learning needs of students. As a trustee I see the opportunity to work closely as a team to develop and enhance educational policies that maximize learning success for each and every student, through careful analysis of programs, resources and community input.
6. How will you demonstrate and communicate the accountability and transparency of the school board to parents and the community?
I will listen to parents and the community, and have the board meeting minutes published and displayed on the School District 57 website. In addition the board of education meetings are open to parents and community to attend.
7. Is there anything else you’d like to add?
As an educator, my focus has always been on life-long learning and maximizing student success. I believe this is accomplished by instilling the A,B,C’s of Achieving, Believing and Caring by Learning and Working Together. I believe the future outlook of the communities in School District 57 rests on the skills, attitudes and strengths of our students.


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