BCCPAC Resolutions Workshop

Join us at a resolutions workshop to discuss how to vote at the provincial BCCPAC Conference.

More info on AGM: http://bccpac2015springconferenceandagm.weebly.com/agm.html


  • Nominations
  • Resolutions


Why attend?

Various school PACs in this district are members of BCCPAC, and have the right to vote at the AGM. DPAC will be sending representatives, and can vote for members by proxy at the AGM. PACs may wish to give specific instructions to proxy holders on how to vote, or may wish to generally educate themselves about some of the provincial issues that PACs will be discussing. 

Plus, we’ll feed you lunch if you register! 



Who can attend?

Any parent in the district. Your PAC can only vote if you’re a member of BCCPAC, but we encourage all parents to be informed.


Is my PAC a member of BCCPAC?

If you’re a member of BCCPAC, you should be receiving notices from BCCPAC. 

Any questions?

Please email info@sd57dpac.ca

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