BCCPAC Proxies

The complete list of PACs who are members, along with who has and who hasn’t sent in proxies, is listed below. At the moment, we have 15 proxies in, and 12 outstanding.

Having these votes helps to increase our voice at the BCCPAC AGM. The AGM is Saturday, and our delegates are travelling down before that. We’d really appreciate it if you can send it to us ASAP.  

If your PAC is a member, please fill out the proxy, get two signatures from executive members, scan, and email it to info@sd57dpac.ca.

Proxy form: http://sd57dpac.ca/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/2015_proxy_form.pdf

We are sending three delegates, any two of which you can write on the form:
Dennis Fudge
Charleen Henyu
Donna Stephan

At our resolutions meeting on Saturday, the members came to some decisions as how we would cast our votes. We can either cast your vote in this manner, or you can direct us to vote in a specific way – just let us know.
Our decisions: http://sd57dpac.ca/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Executive-Board-Report-for-April-13-2015.pdf

Who are BCCPAC members in this district?
We encourage our member PACs to cast your vote at the BCCPAC AGM
Beaverly Elementary
College Heights Elementary (Ecole)   (received)
College Heights Secondary
DPAC SD#57 Prince George   (received)
Duchess Park Secondary   (received)
Edgewood Elementary    (received)
Foothills Elementary   (received)
Giscome Elementary
Glenview Elementary   (received)
Heather Park Elementary   (received)
Heritage Elementary   (received)
Highglen Montessori Elementary   (received)
Hixon Elementary School
Lac des Bois (Ecole)   (received)
Mackenzie Secondary
Malaspina Elementary
Morfee Elementary
Nukko Lake Elementary
Nusdeh Yoh   (received)
Peden Hill Elementary
Pineview Elementary
Prince George Secondary   (received)
Quinson Elementary   (received)
Southridge Elementary
Spruceland Traditional   (received)
Van Bien Elementary
Vanway Elementary


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